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The County of San Diego is committed to honoring veterans and their service. The Department of Human Resources aims to provide veterans with the resources and tools necessary to maximize their employment opportunities, and to assist veterans with their transition into civilian life by applying the valuable skills, knowledge and training acquired in service to positions and career paths available within the County of San Diego. San Diego County recognizes the contributions and sacrifices made by our Veterans. We are committed to integrity, teamwork, inclusion and excellence in all we do. The County of San Diego employs over 16,000 employees. The County Board of Supervisors support former and active military personnel through a system of comprehensive outreach programs. Our core values mandate a skilled, competent, and diverse workforce by recruiting the best candidates to fill positions, at all levels within our large organization. The County of San Diego partners with the Veterans' community of San Diego County, which has a significant pool of potential candidates, and has one of the largest concentrations of Veterans in the State. Our Veterans provide services in such critical areas as public health, children welfare, social services, law enforcement and general government. For more information please call (619) 236-2191.

Website: http://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/hr/VeteransResources.html

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