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Interview Success Formula

Contact: Alan Carniol
Work 1775 Wiehle Ave Ste 400 Reston VA 20190 Work Phone: 888-659-5297Website: Website


What is Interview Success Formula?

To put it simply, Interview Success Formula is for job seeking professionals who face intense interviews and want to stand out by delivering impressive and memorable answers, so they land the job they deserve.

Here you’ll discover proven approaches that have helped over 30,000 people ace their interview with the help of Alan Carniol, creator of this system.

You can CLICK ON THIS LINK to check out real life stories and pictures of clients who no longer struggle with their interviews. They put faith in ISF and felt almost magically equipped with the confidence and the right vocabulary to formulate powerful answers.

So what specifically is Interview Success Formula about?

Glad you asked…

First you complete a simple multiple-choice quiz about your personal values, strengths, weakness and motivations. Why?

Because our system personally and almost instantly (after hitting the finish button) gives you 2 different fully explained, easy to understand reports.

And here’s where some of the magic happens because the first report is called “Self-Assessment Report” which defines your weakness, strengths and traits with the VOCABULARY interviewers WANT to hear…

This is why interviewers ask VAGUE, CONFUSING and TRICKY questions – to find out if you’re the right kind of person for this specific job – someone reliable and trustworthy…

If you have ever gotten stuck explaining a response or just feel stressed figuring out the right words then you’ll find this report invaluable…

The second report is the famous “Crib Sheet” which basically takes your “Self Assessment Report” and tailors 20 answers to the most common interview questions (using your personal traits)…

Amazing right? But that’s not all…

Then you go over to our Crash Course with these vital reports so you could cover any other area you have trouble with.

See, every interview moves through a process. And we’ve molded and hammered down 4 different stages. All you need to do is choose the stage you struggle with and use our simple system to move you forward…


Believe it or not, research is often the deciding factor on whether you ace your interview or not.

This is because it’s not enough to KNOW about the job you applied to, where the interview is located and the time it starts… you could still more than double your acing chances by spending a few minutes researching vital information…

Information about the company, about the interviewer, the hidden code in the job description and much more.

You’ll discover what vital information you need to research to increase your chances dramatically…


In this stage you strengthen your story (your “personal brand”). You start to connect the dots from the research you made to answering memorably….

If you have any doubt, get stuck trying to respond, or don’t know how to deliver powerful, non-egotistic answers – then here’s where you build it.

Here’s where you’ll need both reports to start tailoring important words and concepts that the report discovered about you. Then we grab our research and figure out how this relates to the company and why you should be hired…

Here’s where most people struggle. And here’s where you take the lead in the room.


You want to walk into the room full of confidence, absolute certainty and sending off a signal that you’re the right candidate. This section will help:

Here you’ll discover tactics and techniques to fully impress your interviewer(s)…

For example, showing up with specific tools like a notepad or extra resumes highlights that you’re ready and prepared.

We talk about how to dress for success. What to do if you have a phone interview, how to shake those nerves, and how to feel confident and speak persuasively…

There are even 6 different stereotypical interviewers that you’ll face. We shed some light on exactly how to approach them and questions you MUST ask to stand out…

This is really all about conquering your nerves so you can both be confident and prepared so you can overcome any mistakes…


Many professional jobs can get up to 500 applicants where at least half of them are qualified…

So even though the Launch section shows you how to stand out and do everything right, this section has a few techniques to stand out after the interview (If you are an even match with other candidates, this could push you over the edge.)…

We teach you about very specific “Thank You” note techniques and how to get another shot at an interview if you didn’t get the offer…

And if you did get that job and perhaps 3 more job offers, then we’ll show you how to negotiate for a higher salary and how to know which job will keep you satisfied and happy.

That’s it. This is what interview Success Formula is about. And there’s much more.

Unfortunately, landing a job is a skill that’s not taught in school. It’s like a muscle that fatigues if you don’t work at it.

You don’t have to follow every proven stage. You could simply cherry pick the areas you have trouble with. Either way, you get 365 days of our no-hassle money back guarantee to try ISF in the real world.


Alan Carniol is the creator of the Interview Success Formula. Through his websites, workshops and one-on-one counseling, he has trained over thirty thousand job seekers to craft persuasive interview answers, find their confidence, and win the jobs they desire and deserve. Every week, Alan spends time working with Interview Success Formula clients and further improving the program. He personally learned the hard way what it means to fail and to succeed in an interview. And he created this program, so that others can avoid those mistakes. Alan has shared his expertise as a guest speaker for organizations such as 40Plus, Teach for America, and NASA. He has also been an invited speaker to colleges and universities across North America including, Harvard, Yale, and the University of Connecticut. And he has served as an adjunct professor of career education at Quinnipiac University. His interview advice has also been featured across the web including US News and World Report, Forbes, Mashable, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, CareerBuilder, The Ladders, Wetfeet, Business Insider, and dozens of others.  Before launching the Interview Success Formula, Alan founded Career Cadence, a company dedicated to helping young professionals and college students to identify and land their dream jobs. There, he developed a series of live seminars that simplify the job search, and also designed the multi-layered Distill™Career Assessment. In his prior life, Alan was a corporate trainer for Public Financial Management Inc. Alan received an MBA from Yale University, and BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Connect with me via LinkedIN: – See more at:

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1775 Wiehle Ave Ste 400 Reston VA 20190

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