One of the biggest decisions one will make in life is choosing a field of education and where to pursue that career in.  For Law students, the most common path is to get an internship at a reputable law firm and follow through that direction once they graduate law and join a reputable law firm where they can grow and practice their profession.

Aside from law firms, working for the government is another suitable career path for law graduates is in government. According to the American Bar Association 10. Percent of the graduates of class of 2013 worked in the government.

Many are drawn to work for the government not only for the benefits and the promising career opportunities, but also for public service.

There are many different career options for law graduates in the government. Some can choose to work at a local, state or federal level. At the federal level, they can explore careers in litigation, compliance, and regulatory issues. They can also opt to work in the many agencies of the government including, but not limited to the department of justice, the securities and exchange commission, and the federal trade commission. For others, there’s also the option to work in politics.

While there are many opportunities for law graduates in the government sector, the competition is fierce and it can get difficult to secure a position. Below, Tenge Law Firm gives you  a few ways in which you can step up your career in law in the government – whether you are still a student or a graduate looking for your place in public service.

Attend School Fairs on Government Employment Opportunities

This is where law schools have stepped in to help their students build meaningful connections in government. Some schools like UCLA host an annual government and public interest information fair to help their students understand better the world of public service and where to start.

Know Your Options

Various government agencies focus on different specialties and may have different ways to utilize their manpower specializing in law. There are opportunities in various sectors including the US Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, The Federal Public Defender, just to name a few. Research on which department you feel you will thrive best in and focus on the sectors of law they will most likely utilize.

Internships in Government Agencies

It is a wise move to start internships in government agencies. This way you can start accruing relevant experience and a chance to continue working with the agency if you perform well.

Go Local

Your local government usually have more opportunities and have less competition than federal positions. This is a good place to start learning the ropes and climb your way up. You can start at your local government as a public prosecutor, judicial law clerk, or county prosecutor.

Working in the government may be less financially attractive than working in private sectors, but has its own share of great benefits like student loans forgiven after serving for a couple of years . An aspiring law student or graduate needs to be interested in public service to thrive in a career in the government.

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