job search strategiesJob search techniques are as unique as a fingerprint. Every aspect of preparing oneself for the job market is customized towards strengths while minimizing opportunities. Many people wrack their heads making their job search more complicated than climbing Mt. Everest. What once was the norm, send your resume and you’ll receive a call or turndown letter, has now been replaced with needing a full job marketing strategy.

If you read no further, read this…”Candidates must show up on paper as though they’ve already been screened by a recruiter.” It is today’s reality. For this reason alone, more and more executives and professionals are turning to executive resume writers with job career coaching services to get a leg up on their competition.

Where to begin?

  • Accept that the path to finding a new position is an investment. The investment is in you and understanding yourself better than anyone particularly in your career path
  • Find a coach and writer who can help market you combining your best attributes and make you come alive; both on paper and during the interview
  • Understand coaching options are available and a wide variety of methods on the market. A well rounded job coach will be the best fit as she can offer you exactly what you need vs you being squeezed in a structured, outdated process. There is no longer a one-size-fits-all coaching method. Consider the following and ASK questions to determine which you need:
  • Coaching Partner
  • Accountability Coach
  • Educating Coach

Perhaps you need a job coach who can move from being a partner to an accountablity coach to an educational coach. Yes, this is possible and may be exactly what you need.

  • Determine a timeline that is realistic (2-3 months) to work on your portfolio vs a rush-to- completion project. The higher you are on the corporate ladder, the more time it takes to develop yourself for your next role.
  • Do your homework and look for a coach and writing service where there is a balance of real world corporate expertise, technical certifications, educational background, and a current perspective in the evolving dynamics of todays workforce. Ask questions and listen to your gut.

Completing your work with a contemporary thinking career service just may be the ticket to conquering you lingering, “I’ll get to it tomorrow” mindset. You can get started on defining your unique career fingerprint by following the 5 steps listed.

Take on the day!

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