recruiters.redelmanWhen job searching, you may wrestle over the option of “going it alone” or enlisting the services of a professional recruiter. Everyone’s situation is different, but if you suspect that you might be in a situation where the aid of a recruiter should be considered, there are some benefits to weigh in making that decision. Having a recruiter on your side can make a difference in finding the right position and even more importantly, help you prepare for and stand out in your interview.

Some people are not aware that an expert recruiter can give you a major advantage over your competition in locating openings. You should be aware that there is a “hidden job market” and a recruiter has inside knowledge that can enable you to find and access jobs that you might otherwise never know about.

Remember that the role of the recruiter is to find jobs that need to be filled and then to find the right individual to fill that particular role. Therefore, the recruiter’s primary focus is to find position openings, and these may not all be publicly advertised or otherwise communicated. Even if the recruiter isn’t initially aware of an opening for the type of position you seek, he or she has the network and connections to contact the “likely suspects” and find out which companies are actively looking for someone to fill such a position. If your recruiter presents these opportunities to you, you already have a leg up on the competition who may not have any means of finding out about the opening.

Another benefit of using a recruiter is the fact that they can help you to prepare for the interview process. If you are using a recruiter then you will have a big advantage over other people, as the recruiter will be able to tell you specific information which will enable you to stand out from the crowd and therefore increase your chances of getting the job. It is important to point out that those people who have applied independently will not have access to this information. Understanding the culture of the organisation you are applying for is vital for success. It is highly likely that an experienced recruiter will have a long lasting relationship with their client and therefore be able to pass on key tips and information to help you make more of an impact during the interview process. The more inside information you possess about the company or hiring manager, the greater your chances are of securing that new job.

In addition to helping you prepare for the job interview, the recruiter can help you with the actual interview process through role-play exercises. The more prepared you can be for the job interview, the more effectively you will be able to answer those tough interview questions. Nothing is worse than stuttering your way through an interview because you are unprepared or surprised by a line of questioning. Utilise the expertise of recruiters and their knowledge of probable interview questions that will be asked.

Having the services of a skilled recruiter can make all the difference at times. With access to less visible job openings, in-depth knowledge of the hiring company and culture, and the ability to coach you in making a better impression in the interview, a job seeker’s chances can be given a real boost.

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