video.conferencing.interviews.kennedyThe use of video conferencing for job interviews is not going to stop. It’s an efficient way to screen applicants for the first round of interviews, and the technology is there to make it happen from your laptop or smartphone, so you should be ready for this to happen sometime soon.

Everything makes a difference when it’s on a camera and microphone because stuff you overlook in person gets magnified. You don’t think so? Take a look to your right, then take a picture of it with your phone and look at the picture. It’s like magic because suddenly you are seeing things appear that you overlooked in person. That weird face you always make when something confuses you? Don’t do that. Instead prepare for questions that may stump you and watch your expressions.

You have some real advantages in a video interview:

  • You control the background they see you against. Clean it up and make it look professional. If you have certifications and diplomas, hang them behind you on the wall along with any awards, but make your display things you have in your resume. No PeeWee Football trophies unless you were the coach. If you have a bookcase behind your desk, make sure the books people can see are relating to your field or professional development.
  • You are on your own turf and should be more comfortable, right? But don’t be so comfortable you are sloppy. Dress for the interview carefully and be familiar with your equipment. Practice with a friend a few times and get feedback. Role play with that friend as well. Have them ask you interview questions and answer them. Do this as often as you need to until you feel comfortable.
  • You can plan the time so you are alone; do that so there’s no interruptions. Turn off all the TV and music in the background, turn off your cell phone (you were going to anyway, right?), and don’t even think of texting your friends while you are talking. If you have children home at the time of the interview, ask your spouse or a friend to take them for an hour or two.
  • You are on camera so act like it. Don’t set things up so your face fills the screen because that will magnify every expression and look weird. Set it up so they see you as they would in the office, at a table or desk with your hands in front of you. They will be watching your expression, posture, and gestures so practice looking relaxed and sounding professional.

Here are some good tips on video interviews, and even more on other sites. The reality of video interviews is here, so everybody is starting to discuss it. What do YOU think of this new trend?

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