leadershipAs a manager, have you ever felt squashed between all the work rolling down hill and the pressure of supporting your already overwhelmed team? Or perhaps you’re frustrated with a team that doesn’t seem to “get it” and isn’t working at full capacity?

During times of change, there’s a natural tendency for employees to go into self-protection mode, hanging on to the devil they know, and wasting time and energy wondering how they fit in to the future picture.

They need you to be stronger than ever, just at the time you may be feeling about to tip over.

By focusing on these 7 roles you can lead your team towards great results, even within a turbulent environment. Below I share with you 7 key leadership roles vital during times of change, along with key questions you can ask to get your team moving in the right direction.

7 Ways to Lead Your Team To Success

#1 Be a Translator

Help your team understand how their role fits into the bigger picture. Stay on top of regulatory changes and the political landscape. Translators have a way of simplifying the complex issues going on outside the team and helping employees understand why they should care.

Key Question:  What’s most IMPORTANT?

#2 Be a Builder

In this role you help your team challenge each team member to consistently improve his or her skills. You’re tackling performance issues head on, and providing consistent, candid feedback.

Key Question: How do we IMPROVE?

#3 Be a Connector

As a connector, you’re communicating frequently across multiple channels—I recommend you communicate anything that matters 5 times, in 5 different ways. You’re also encouraging the team to communicate more effectively among themselves; surfacing team conflict and discussing it productively.

Key Question:  How can we best work TOGETHER?

#4 Be a Galvanizer

Your role of galvanizer is to rally your team toward a compelling vision of the future. Inspiring hope. Asking great questions, and getting people excited about what they are up to.

Key Question:  How do WE make a difference?

#5 Be a Backer

Backers proactively remove roadblocks for the team They help the team recover from setbacks and regain the confidence to try again. And yes, backers are willing to “take a bullet” for the team.

Key Question: How can I HELP?

#6 Be an Accelerator

Your role as an accelerator is to help your team run more efficiently. You’re finding ways to eliminate wasteful and redundant work. You’re including the right people in decisions so project move along efficiently. Your meetings are efficient and productive.

Key Question:  How do we accomplish MORE?

#7  Be an Ambassador

The role of ambassador is often the most overlooked during time of change because everyone’s so focused on the work. But effective Ambassadors build deep trust and commitment with their teams. They advocate for the team members and their careers. They help employees build a strong network of positive relationships with other departments.

Key Question:  How do we SHARE our success?

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