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Cachet Prescott, CPCC, PHR, is a Women’s Career & Business Coach. With purpose-aligned careers by design at the helm of her work, she provides coaching with a Proverbs 31 twist to mid-career professionals and aspiring service-based solopreneurs. She exercises expert prowess in enabling her counterparts to make thoughtful, strategically planned career transitions from career reinvention to returning home or re-entering the workforce to exploring the world of entrepreneurship. Cachet is also a speaker and college instructor who’s published career, entrepreneur and leadership related articles with Blue Star Families, Lead With Giants, Lioness Magazine, Military Spouse Corporate Career Network and Military Spouse Magazine. Outside of her entrepreneurial pursuits, Cachet is a proud military spouse and mother of three little girls.

Website: http://cachetprescott.com

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Leadership: Do They Know, Like and Trust You?

Leadership: Do They Know, Like and Trust You?

If they don’t, it may negatively affect your leadership status. Know, like and trust is a popular concept often applied in marketing efforts. The premise behind it is that consumers tend to buy from those whom they know, like and trust. The same idea applies to the...
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