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Scott Blaufeux has worked with the government in Seattle, WA both in a legal capacity and as a volunteer in low-income communities. He is currently the Content Manager for AllCriminalJusticeSchools.com, a leading resource for those looking to get their start in government careers. When he's not at work, he enjoys aikido, tai chi, hiking and biking, as well as spending time with his partner Ruth and their new puppy Libby.

Website: http://www.allstardirectories.com

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How to Become a Homicide Detective

How to Become a Homicide Detective

Cops—even homicide detectives—sometimes get a bad rap. They can be accused of abuse of power, corruption, false witness, violence, racism, you name it. Never has this been brought into clearer focus than on the one-year anniversary of the protests that erupted in...
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