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David Shindler is a coach, facilitator, speaker, and blogger on jobs, careers and employability development. He is the author of “Learning to Leap, a Guide to Being More Employable”. He has been quoted in Forbes and MSN, and listed as a top career blogger by YouTern and Career Sherpa. David coaches you to be clearer, more confident and purposeful so you take the job and career actions that are right for you.

Website: http://www.learningtoleap.co.uk

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Posts by David Shindler:

5 Ways to Fire Up Your Employability

5 Ways to Fire Up Your Employability

Being employable is not the same as being employed. Getting the next job is only a step in your lifelong journey of being employable. Becoming and remaining employable involves staying relevant, up-to-date and a good cultural fit. Here are five ways to fire up your...
Your Career: How to Spark a Burning Platform

Your Career: How to Spark a Burning Platform

Have you been in the same job, role, organization or career for a long time? The chances of that occurring in the future are diminishing by the year. You are likely to move jobs and careers more regularly and work under different forms of employment. The real-life...
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