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Devil Dog USA Inc.’s mission is to incorporate all these and guide Veterans through the process. One of our goals is to help Veterans before they discharge and guide them through their transition process while on active duty. With the help of others and our reputation, we will soon be able to help those in that capacity on a larger scale. We extend our hands to every organization and agency, will you? The CEO of Devil Dog USA is Gonzalo Duran. Born and raised in Bronx NY, he is currently attending Fordham University and completing his pre-medicine requirements. Gonzalo is an Iraq Veteran and served as a United States Marine Corps Sergeant for 8-years. His purpose for starting Devil Dog USA was simple; he had a hard transition coming out of the Marine Corps and now he wants to help his fellow Veterans so they don't have to face the hardship he did.

Website: http://www.devildogusainc.org/index.php

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Veteran Assistance In The Workforce

Veteran Assistance In The Workforce

Transitioning out of the military effects all service members differently. We can prepare ourselves months or years in advance and the outcome may be positive or negative. Some of us may transition without any complications, but those that do have issue’s I would like...
Active Duty Mindset For Human Resource

Active Duty Mindset For Human Resource

Entry into the military is difficult. The training you receive will break you down, than rebuild you back up to become a basically trained combatant, than leader, and finally a specialist within an array of occupational fields. This process is where we lose the...
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