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Hal Eastman has enjoyed a thirty-year business career, starting with Boeing and Ford Motor Companies and later holding management and leadership positions in industries as diverse as printing, forest products, chemicals, power generation, biotechnology, scientific supplies, and wireless communications. During this time, he was president of two large public companies, Fisher Scientific and McCaw Cellular (today AT&T Wireless), and founder of two small businesses. He has since enjoyed an arts career specializing in dance photography, including the publication of three books, Natural Dance, Dancessence, and Dream Riders (see www.haleastman.com).

Website: http://www.GetHiredGrowLead.com

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Finding a Job You Love

Finding a Job You Love

Finding a job you love and pursuing it for a personally fulfilling and financially rewarding career is a huge challenge in today’s highly competitive world.  However, it is still possible if you follow some basic principles.  Here are a few of the most important ones...
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