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John R. Stoker is the author of “Overcoming Fake Talk” and the president of DialogueWORKS, Inc. His organization helps clients and their teams improve leadership engagement in order to achieve superior results. He is an expert in the fields of leadership, change, dialogue, critical thinking, conflict resolution, and emotional intelligence, and has worked and spoken to such companies as Cox Communications, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell and AbbVie. Connect with him on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Website: http://www.dialogueworks.com/

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Cues for Connecting with Generation Z

Cues for Connecting with Generation Z

A while back I wrote an article detailing ideas for connecting with various generations. As Generation Z is now starting to enter the workforce, I thought it was important to provide some tips for interacting with them as well. Last summer, my two Zs came home from college, and I experienced them in a different way.

Ten Tips for Receiving Critical Feedback

Ten Tips for Receiving Critical Feedback

Studies show that it takes five positive acts to counterbalance one negative. Knowing how to receive critical feedback is an art well worth learning, particularly if you want to be able to improve and continue to receive the kind of information that will help you grow and develop. Here are ten tips for making the feedback you receive work for you.

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