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Martha Duesterhoft is a Partner with PeopleResults, a consultancy that guides organizations and individuals to “start the wave” of change. Martha provides executive coaching with a focus on leadership behaviors and has worked on various projects with clients including PepsiCo, Microsoft, McKesson, Bell Helicopter, Catholic Charities, Texas Christian University and many others on how to realize results through people. Martha is an instructor for Southern Methodist University’s Executive Education.


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The Importance of Leading with Questions

The Importance of Leading with Questions

One key attribute that makes leaders successful is having a point of view. You are being paid to be a great thinker and make decisions. However, many make the faulty assumption that they have to come up with all the answers on their own and end up doing more talking...
Your Career is a Reflection on Your Life

Your Career is a Reflection on Your Life

When I think of the word, “career”, I think in terms of one’s lifework. It’s about the aspect of life devoted to working. For most of us, that is a long time span and, on average, consists of about 25% of the total hours in a year. So what career strategies can be put...
Career Passion: Have You Found It?

Career Passion: Have You Found It?

Are you hyped to spring out of bed on Monday morning and dive into your work? OR Are you already counting down to next weekend? This is not a new revelation, but if your work incorporates your passion…it doesn’t feel like work anymore! I recently returned from...
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