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Noelle is currently a Public Relations Specialist for the City and County of Honolulu Office of the Mayor’s Neighborhood Commission Office, working primarily on Office digital initiatives and citizen engagement. Follow them on Twitter: @HNLNCO. Passionate about developing communities, she channels this passion through organizing Network of Women’s Honolulu chapter and volunteering for the Hawaii Bicycling League’s Bike to Work Day. Her background in urbanism led her to co-found MultipliCITY, a conference held in 2013 for young urban scholars to exchange ideas on cities, across cultures and disciplines. She is inspired by her yoga practice and travel. She completed a Master degree in Urban Studies at Sciences Po Paris and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from UCLA, c/o 2011.

Website: http://noellewright.com/

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Government Job Search on Twitter

Government Job Search on Twitter

When people find out that I landed my government job on Twitter, they are usually shocked. Aren’t government jobs only searchable on horribly confusing government job websites? Don’t you usually have to go through a lot of bureaucracy before starting the...
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