Pandemic Aftermath: Tips to Land a Local Job

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Job search during the pandemic aftermath seems like an uphill battle. Although we see an increase in leisure and hospitality job openings, the labor market is still far from being stable. Most employment and hiring opportunities remain frozen as private companies and businesses focus on pivoting to recoup their losses.

With the unpredictable recovery process in the labor market, how can one secure a job these days?

Local Government Jobs

One of the best options in securing work during the pandemic is looking for local government jobs. Statistics show that albeit slow, state and government job openings are on the rise, and turnover is at its peak. This means there are many vacant roles in government sectors.

Despite the government’s efforts in increasing hiring budgets, they are still having a hard time filling roles and retaining people. Many of those furloughed fail to come back or choose not to come back to work. Based on a survey, one-third of 31% of the state and local workforce said that the pandemic has made them rethink their work options.

With many rural and local governments struggling to recruit people, now would be the perfect opportunity to send your application. These job vacancies in local governments increase your chances of securing a job at a critical time like this.

Working in Local Government

While working in the private sector seems appealing due to salary differences, a job in the local government can provide more stability and benefits. In addition to this, working in the government means better work-life balance because offices are closed during federal, state, and local holidays. This assures you that you can spend these special occasions with your family.

More than these, working in local government provides meaningful work. You get to make a difference and give back to your community through your work or service. You also had the opportunity to know your locality inside out. Lastly, you get to work close to home without the need for a lengthy commute or travel.

Tips to Land a Local Job

While applying for a job in the local government is not hard, it certainly is not easy. One of the never-wracking hurdles you may encounter is the wait time during the hiring process. It takes time compared to the usual hiring process of a private company. The rest of the challenges? Highly manageable, especially if you follow these tips:

Identify your interests and areas of expertise –Keeping an open mind is a good practice, but it’s always a good idea to list down the job types you’re interested in. Once you have identified the type of job, you then crosscheck it with your list of qualifications. Do you have the required training certificates? Do you have the skills for these lines of work? Do you have the educational background that they are looking for? If you are interested in government jobs financial analyst positions, you may need to have a degree in finance or accounting. Be practical and realistic when aspiring for a certain position.

It is best to know if you have the qualifications and skills that they are looking for. This is so you can decide whether to get training to proceed with your application or move on to the next.

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One of the best options in securing work during the pandemic is looking for local government jobs.


Narrow your search down by identifying the government area where you would like to work in. Decide whether you would prefer working in local, state, or federal offices. Now, if you are unsure about the type of work to apply for, here are some examples of local, state, and federal jobs:

  • Building control officers
  • Civil engineer
  • Database administrator
  • Economist
  • Elementary school teacher
  • Environmental health officers
  • FBI special agent
  • Firefighter
  • Land surveyor
  • Legal professionals
  • Linguist
  • Mail carrier
  • Occupational therapists
  • Planning officers
  • Police officer
  • Purchasing manager
  • Records clerk
  • Social services assistant
  • Social workers
  • Treasurer

Check government job sites and sign up for an account to get notifications for open positions. Always be on the lookout. You too can check your local council’s website for job openings and training program information.

Connect with the ELGL organization. The Emerging Local Government Leaders has a job board, which you can filter by counties and cities. You can join their membership so you can have access to local government job resources.

Look for state and local government fellowship programs. These fellowships can provide you with career development opportunities based on your academic background and potential in leadership. Joining a fellowship can be a great avenue to gain valuable experiences and exposure to current issues in your local government.

Identify associations in your local area and check their websites. These can also be a gold mine for lists of local government job openings.

Get in touch with your alma mater. Universities and colleges usually have career centers that can help connect you with local government agencies.

Meet and network with as many people from government agencies as you can. Identify industry leaders and learn from them. Ask for best practices and tips on how to excel at work. Do not be afraid to reach out to people or ask contacts to connect you with those you think can help get your name out there.

Preparing for a Local Government Job Interview

Knowing how to prepare for an interview is essential in your search for a local government job. Both your resume and how you conduct yourself during the interview are crucial. Just keep in mind that what you do before the interview also counts.

Research is key. Before you show up for your interview, make sure that you have done your research on the scope of work. You need to have a general understanding of the local city government, including accomplishments, projects, and advocacies. More importantly, find out essential statistics and demographics related to the role you are applying for.

Review your resume and practice on how you can highlight previous experiences where you showed potential in public service. It takes dedication to excel in a local government job. Practice how you can convince your interviewer that you have what it takes.

Although the job market is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic, it does not mean we give up. If there is one institution in the country that remains stable, it is the government. Business entities can close when the losses exceed the return. The government will not cease to operate no matter the circumstances. It will remain open to serve the public. That fact alone should give you the push to seek a job in the local government. Aside from career stability, a position in the government can be one of the most fulfilling jobs out there.

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