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Sixteen Goals for 2016

When we are in the middle of turbulence, we look for the smooth patch of air. That’s exactly what I saw a client do back in 2010 when the... Read More »

Give the Powerful Gift of Acknowledgement

Holiday gift giving in the public sector workplace can be an awkward and difficult proposition.  What’s appropriate?  How much should you spend?  Is it even appropriate and/or legal to... Read More »

Be Thankful

November is the month for giving thanks—something we should all probably do more often.  Personally, I say “thank you” multiple times every day.  But to really give thanks—to really... Read More »

Employee Retention Strategies: Keep the Good Ones

Public agencies across the United States are facing a silent threat.  Employees are considering their options.  Working for a public agency isn’t what it used to be and employees... Read More »

Performance Management: Shifting Organizational Culture

Performance management is becoming THE high priority for government entities nation-wide. In fact, a Time Magazine article by Amanda Ripley said, “If we really want more effective governance, we... Read More »

Talent Thieves Are Lurking

When our house was robbed a few years ago, it caused us to re-evaluate how we secured our valuables. Since that fateful day, an alarm system, window locks, and... Read More »

Redefining the Public Sector

I recently heard a speaker ask, “What do you believe that you wish you didn’t?”

It is a question we’re all being forced to consider these days as we go... Read More »

Employee Retention: Who Brings Value

Public agencies across the United States are facing a silent threat.

As budget cuts are implemented and benefits are slashed, employees are considering their options. Working for a public agency... Read More »

Trends in Performance Management: Review and Rate is Out

So how’s that annual performance evaluation process working for you? According to new research on the psychology of work from David Rock, the typical numeric ratings, rankings, and formal... Read More »