Why I Love To Write About My Teacher’s Experience

Julie Petersen started her English language teacher and freelance writer career at 2010. She was teaching writing classes at Stanford University for 4 years and was practicing private tutoring at the same time. Now she writes her own blog Ask Petersen where she shares her knowledge about writing and teaching skills.

Teaching is an interesting art. There are so many things to learn from it. Students are a great source of inspiration for all educators. They bring in new information, new perspectives, and new points of view. If instructors think they know it all, teaching proves them wrong. You never know everything, and you can certainly absorb fresh knowledge daily.

Jason Robinson is a former English teacher at Oaks Ridge High-School and writer for one of the best resume writing services online. Currently chief spokesperson for the American Library Association, Dr. Robinson shares his opinion on the matter. He says, “Teaching is one of the best life lessons you can get. Theoretically, you should be the professor, but practically, you are the student.” This shows that although you have the knowledge, and the experience, teaching teaches you how to teach. Isn’t this a paradox?

We’ve interviewed Dr. Robinson, and we found out why he loves teaching that much. How did it change him? What qualities should you have if you intend to pursue this career? Why is it worth trying? These are all questions Mr. Jason has answered, and we decided to compile his advice into a brief article. So take a look at why you will fall in love with teaching if you try it.

Teaching is About Communication

A good teacher is a great communicator. In order to deliver new information to the students, instructors must interact effectively. But of course not every single teacher on the planet was born a magnificent communicator. We are all worried about public speaking, and every single one of us has experienced some type of social anxiety.

Teaching teaches you how to become a communicative person. It reveals intrinsic qualities unknown before. Teaching means people skills, and people skills means letting go of inhibitions. The latter is definitely the definition of a less-worrisome way of living. And isn’t that what we all strike for?

Teaching is Passion

When you know your passions, it is easy to spend your life happily. You already know what your goals are, and what targets you want to reach. The problem is that most of the time, we do not find our passions at an early age. They come with experience, and by continuously facing new obstacles. Teaching teaches you what your passions are. You might found out you are passionate about saving the planet through reducing air waste, or filtering the water people consume. Who knows?

Teachers often find themselves intrigued by specific subjects. They will spend more time talking about their interests without even noticing. So, even though teaching is not your passion, it will teach you what your passion actually is. It is worth giving it a try, isn’t it?

Think about all the students that go through your hands. You have the opportunity to change so many lives.



Teaching Means Adapting to The New 

Life is a beautiful journey if we know how to live it. While doing the same thing continuously might be joyful for some, others might find it monotonously boring. If you are between the latter, you know that getting out of our comfort zone is the only way humans can truly experience life. But doing that comes with certain disadvantages – for instance, having trouble adapting to the new. 

Teaching teaches you how to properly handle sudden changes. That is because when you teach, there is no way you will allow yourself to fail. You have to be there for your students because they need your presence. Having no other choice but to adapt leaves you with no choice, right? So, getting out of your comfort zone is going to become easier with lecturing. 

Teaching is The Future 

Think about all the students that go through your hands. You have the opportunity to change so many lives. Students will often trust the teacher with even confidentiality matters, if the teacher is open enough. On that account, being a teacher provides the opportunity to save lives. Once a student trusts you, your power becomes endless. You can literally make a difference in the world by showing students what values mean. By talking to you, they might understand how they can improve their behaviors and take the right actions for their futures. 

Say you work with a young lady who is debating whether or not to drop out of high-school. Teaching her why staying in school is important is going to make a substantial impact on many people’s life. For once, on her parents. Two, on herself. And three, on a lot of other people you might not even be aware of – who knows how many lives she is going to save if she stays in school? 


If by now I’ve convinced you to start teaching, you might be made for it. You do not know it yet, but deep inside, your passion is starting to take form. And as I have said before, even if teaching will end up not being your passion, you are going to discover it while leading your class. The subjects you will be interested in the most are going to lead you to your true calling. So, why not try it and see for yourself?

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