martinelli._hiring_veteransEmploying our nation’s military veterans has been an important topic for many years. Occupation and job training is one important aspects in order to end unemployment among veterans as well as homelessness.

However, the men and women whom have served our country possess numerous skills that can be utilized in both the public and private sectors.

Examples of some of those abilities are leadership skills, motivated team participants, and an incomparable work ethic. Veterans enjoy a challenge and possess the aptitude to think quickly on their feet. 

Employer Attitudes towards Hiring Veterans Most employers are more than willing to hire our veterans. However, information within a report by the Center for a New American Security conveys a few reasons why veterans may not be hired. For example, there may be an issue of skill translation, negative stereotypes such as those associated with PTSD, skill or qualification mismatch, acclimation, concerns over possible future deployments, and the inability to find veterans. Despite any possible negativity that may exist, it is important to focus on the advantages in order to assist and employ these particular men and women. Without employment and support through the transition process, it may be difficult for veterans to provide for themselves and their families. The employment process should be streamlined for these men and women by assisting them to apply their military skills to a chosen profession. 

The Numerous Benefits specifies several reasons why employers should hire veterans, all of which are applicable in either the public or private sectors. The first stated purpose- an enhanced learning curve- explains that this exceptional group of individuals retains the established capability to acquire new concepts and skills. Their training in distinguishable and transferable skills has been evidenced in practical situations, which can enhance the productivity of any organization. In a recovering economy, organizations wish to find employees who can learn quickly and have the ability to make decisions quickly. The second benefit, substantiated leadership skills, can also enrich any organization.

The military trains individuals to lead by example. In addition, they are taught to lead through motivation, inspiration, direction, and delegation. Veterans maintain an understanding of the details of leadership, including the hierarchal and peer structures. This facilitates the ability to manage employee performance for results, even in difficult conditions. As I have learned, this can be important factor when an organization is facing a difficult situation or is trying to work through change and a positive outcome benefits the employees and the organization. Another advantage to hiring veterans is that they also value teamwork because they understand how collaboration develops out of accountability.

Veterans have been previously trained and have the sensitivity to work and engage with other individuals regardless of one’s race, ethnic background, gender, religion, economic status, or any physical, or mental abilities, which is a crucial skill in any professional situation. They also have the capability to perform well under pressure due to their understanding of procedures, resources, and schedules. This allows the proficiency to prioritize and respect task completion. There is also an appreciation for policies and procedures, which enables a value for accountability.

An organizational advantage is that veterans understand modern technical and international trends relevant to businesses. This business-savvy outlook can be an asset for any organization who may be in search of a candidate with a specific type of knowledge. Veterans value a high level of integrity, which is important to maintain ethics and honesty within an organization- a critical skill to maintain within all sectors. Lastly, veterans have the ability to succeed through adversity. This is a vital skill because organizations necessitate individuals who can endure change and difficult situations in a positive manner as well as deliver a successful outcome.

Generating Change The numerous advantages are important within the hiring process but more important is the ability to be fair. It is essential to abandon any preconceived notions or stereotypes of veterans. They represent a fundamental purpose for our nation and are a vital component of our current workforce who has the capacities to dedicate himself or herself to an organization who is willing to commit to them.

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