if you are in a particular job that you love and you would like get promoted or advance in your organization? Obtaining a master’s degree in Public Administration or Public Policy is definitely an achievement that could assist you developing a career with lasting benefits and excellent pay. In many areas of the country, the job market is definitely improving itself from the devastating impact of the recession. With an advanced degree, you can market yourself as a manager, administrator, or executive level employee who desires to improve their organization by implementing new programs and policies, and handling the complex issues of the government.

The MPA degree teaches and prepares students to work in the administration of the government, and develop valuable skills such as networking, handling issues from the public, transparency, and statistical analysis. There are many initiatives to improve the efficiency and better organization in every area of public service.

An MPA degree can also be used to advance in the non-profit, international affairs, business, and political areas.

Choosing Your Specialization

Despite the MPA being specific to the government, non-profit, or NGO’s job market, it is still a general administration degree. As you proceed through your studies, explore different departments or areas in government. If your program offers a specialization in Urban Planning, Economic Development, Non-Profit, or Corrections, then you can learn about those career fields within the government. As you apply for government jobs, you can target the area you would like to work in.

Choosing an area in government will be more specialized to your skills and what your passion would be.  There are certifications for every area of government. For example, for if you are interested in working for the land development department in our local city or county, the Code Enforcement position offers a four level certification for code enforcement. Also, if you’re interested in real estate or property appraisal, you can also obtain a certification in addition to your MPA degree that would make you a more ideal candidate.

Developing a Cutting Edge Background

If you feel you can use your talents more in the non-profit realm, an MPA degree could give you the professional flexibility to pursue public or private organizations.  Organizing foundations, providing direct services, fundraising, and community events are just a few of the tasks that managers do working for a non-profit. To increase your creditability, you can research grant writing certifications or continuing education classes at your local colleges and take grant-writing courses. Being a grant writer is vital to the success of a non-profit organization being that they receive all of their funding through donations and approved grants.

Your MPA Career: Abroad

International Affairs is an emerging arena of Government that targets global affairs and creating an innovative market for companies and business development.  In your career in this field, you could implement public policies that would affect a company’s business objectives with other foreign markets.  As a manager and administrator, you may have to counsel different departments to ensure compliance, laws, and company policies.

There are numerous public affairs programs that requires a manager to be able to deal with challenges in the U.S. and internationally.  From government relations, to communications, media relations, community investments, and advocacy, you will have many projects or assignments in different parts of the world.  You will gain a broad functional experience and understanding strategies of global corporations and public affairs.

Enjoy Your Journey

The public administration field has many features and areas to explore and grow professionally. Obtaining an MPA degree is just the first step in pursuing this career. It offers such a wide range of jobs, assessing your own skills and interests would ease the overwhelmingly affect of job searching and offer a unique professional experience.

Your background or undergraduate degree could also benefit you in public administration.  The government needs scientists to work for the Environmental Protection Agency, mechanical engineers for the Federal Aviation Authority, and Mental Health Counselors in the Department of Veteran Affairs. No matter what direction you choose, your options are endless and the services in the government are always changing.

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