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Alena Dunham is a recent graduate of Nova Southeastern University's Masters of Public Administration program in Fort Lauderdale, FL with experience as a secondary education teacher. With knowledge of public policy and strong business ethnic, she researches the trends of economic development in her local community. She also have experience in County Government where she is interested in pursuing a career with the federal government. In addition to her education and experience, Alena serves as a mentor to high school students on topics such as career research and college evaluations to match their talents with the right schools. She also provides online resources to prepare them for the workforce and tips on effective resume writing and application etiquette. When she is not teaching, blogging, tweeting, or mentoring, you can find her back home running through the hills of her neighborhood. She hopes to finish two more 5k runs this year.

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Does an MPA degree help in a career pursuit?

Does an MPA degree help in a career pursuit?

What if you are in a particular job that you love and you would like get promoted or advance in your organization? Obtaining a master’s degree in Public Administration or Public Policy is definitely an achievement that could assist you developing a career with lasting...
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