voice your careerThe words you speak have power because it represent your mindset. If you speak negatively, then your mind is only focus on the negativity, which leads to negative behavior.

For example, if you tell others that you don’t qualify for a job, then your mind is focused on the negativity of your lack of qualifications instead of what you may be able to offer to the new job. Therefore, it is paramount that you put a voice to your ambitions and goals. It is all about planting as many seeds as you can and nurturing those seeds until they grow to fruition.

So, how can you use your voice to get a career of your choice.

Plant Seeds

You plant seeds by telling the right people about your ambitions.  It is great to know your ambitions, but others cannot help you to get to where you want to be without knowing where you want to go. The help of others is needed for any career advancement. If you do not ask people for help, you may be robbing them of the chance they desire to be helpful.

The concept of planting seeds means you advise others of your goals or desires and move on. Periodically, you will reinforce and water this seed by your actions and spoken validation.

Let others know where you plan on going, let them know your goals. Put a voice to your goals, but be careful who you share this precious gem with. Sometimes people will try to talk you out of your ambitions. If you find someone doing this, RUN! Do not let the seed they just planted in you grow. You can do what you set your mind and heart to but you will need the help of others. Find people who believe in you and with this belief, greatness is right around the corner.

ASK for Help

It takes a unit or a support system to help you secure your next career/job.  While we may like to think that we can do it on our own or have all the tools necessary to do, this is just not true. Doing it on your work may work for a period of time, but to do so effectively and efficiently the help of others is needed. Why make the same mistakes others before you have made when you can learn from their mistakes. Therefore, ask for help and learn from others who have walked your current path.

Asking for help may be a painful task for some, but there are indirect ways to do this. For example, you

don’t have to directly ask your supervisor for assistance, you can simply make it known that you are interested in leadership and/or management in passing and continue to show expertise at your job. Remember, a good supervisor develops their employees. I understand that some of you may be uncomfortable informing others of your goals; however, this is a crucial tactic to get into leadership and to advance up the leadership ranks.

Key strategies on how and where to seek help as well as what to ask will be discussed in a future post.

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