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Chantal R Wynter is an author, speaker, and career coach. She is an expert in helping women in government, college students, millennials, and young professionals obtain their first leadership positions and advance their careers once in leadership. Chantal's specialty is entry level advancement. Her methods and advice are tried and tested. She has been featured on Time Money Magazine, Business Innovators Magazine, Building Minds Forever TV, GoBankingRates.com, the League of Women in Government as a blogger, and as a writer for Careers in Government. For more information, please visit ChantalRWynter.com

Website: http://chantalrwynter.com

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Posts by Chantal Wynter:

3 Key Steps For Giving Feedback To Your Boss

3 Key Steps For Giving Feedback To Your Boss

Giving your boss feedback can be a scary thing especially if the feedback is negative or as I call it an opportunity for growth. To prepare yourself for this task, first think of the feedback as an opportunity for growth for both you and your boss. If your boss is...
The Necessity of Fear in Your Career

The Necessity of Fear in Your Career

The best motivator for excellence is fear. When you are fearful this is an indication that you are embarking on something new. The absence of fear is the absence of change. Do not use fear as an excuse to remain stagnant in your career. Fear is so powerful that it...
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