uncertain_future_challenges_career2013 and we are nearing February 1st! Futurists have long been calling for individuals to round out their careers by building multiple revenue streams. By 2019, more layoffs will have occurred, more robots will be replacing humans, and more individuals will be footing their own cost of medical insurance.  Blah, bleak, and *blastardly! (*Yes, I made up the word.)

As a career advice columnist, advisor, guru, or other term that one chooses, I am perpetually suggesting people to STOP depending solely on corporations and the government. As Americans, we have the world at our fingertips to choose our path, try new ventures, and explore a plethora of opportunities. Yet, so many Americans sit back on their haunches stymied by their fear of putting their toe in the water.

Smart people, now more than ever are building their own future based on their own skill sets.  Just 3 years ago while attending various bridal shows in preparation for my wedding, I was thrilled to have met a weekend DJ who was a highly regarded tax attorney during the week, a VP of marketing who started a flower arranging business on-the-side, and a single mom who was a nurse by day, and part-time wedding planner by night.

Highly educated people are no longer closet moonlighting. They were out and about, living their lives fully and earning money doing what they love the most.

For many baby boomers, being raised to think that the only way to have financial freedom was to plot along on the conservative path of going to college, putting in the 9-5 ++, earning promotions, and having company security. My pitch to you today is nothing new, writers long before this article have talked the talk, walked the walk, and preached to the proverbial choir. I am simply raising the awareness once again to instill the necessity of having multiple streams of income as a logical “way of life.”

I too have taken the leap into multiple streams of income having previously enjoyed the 6-figure corporate income; executive coach, resume writer, and HR consultant by day, and direct sales leader by night and weekend! My days are met with hard work and challenges, but my life is richer, more prosperous, and satisfying than playing in the corporate, political only sandbox.

You decide. Whatever you do…do what you are passionate about and truly, you will begin living the life you were intended.

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