Now that it is 2017, it is time for a clean slate.  New beginnings can often be scary, but moving forward will always benefit you in the end.  Take the risk to try something new.

Something many people are doing to make a fresh start for themselves involves exploring careers in several different fields.

One of those fields includes Careers In Government.  These jobs include a multitude of opportunities.  While one would expect jobs such as district attorney, that is not all there is to a government job.

Opportunities include a wide array of fields.  There are positions in public housing and other departments that serve a local city.

Some medical jobs, such as radiologist and nurse, can be hired by a local county or even the state.  Of course, this depends on the type of hospital, and who funds it.

Do not be afraid to dare yourself and explore.  Opportunities are boundless.

However, there are certain skills that employers are looking for.  This does not just pertain to government jobs.  Certain requirements are demanded in any job.

One such requirement – computer skills – goes far in today’s job market.  You may have the basic skills to perform a certain job.

But, don’t think that word processing will be looked upon highly.  That is now part of the basic necessities for a job.  You need to know more than them.

For example, if you get hired as a journalist, having knowledge of content management systems – or CMS – and graphic design software, will put you higher on the list than a person without those skills.


Because journalists are now expected to do it all.  Write the story, edit it, and then create some sort of art, or edit a photo they took.  Newspapers have cut back on budgets, so journalists have to do it all, now.  The same is true with government jobs.  You have to know how to do multiple tasks in order to get the job done.  No longer is it acceptable to just know basic skills.

Another highly-valued skill is reliability.  If employers know they can count on you, it will work well in your favor when it comes to your annual review.

Being dependable will far outweigh any small mistakes you’ve made.  It may even help you get a raise or a promotion.

It’s all about being part of the team.  If you can show you are a team player, your bosses will look upon your favorably.  But, that’s not all.

A third important skill is organization.  This is especially true for a government job such as a cabinet member, nurse or any other government worker.

Since almost everything is done through computer systems and kept online, you won’t need as many cabinets as in the past.  However, you do need a way to keep your computer work organized.

Creating task lists, and files on your desktop, are two ways to help keep yourself organized.  They will help you get to your documents faster, which is necessary when things get busy.  If you aren’t organized at the office, your work pace will slow down, and so will your production.

As we start a new year, it is time for a clean slate.  Forget about the hardships you faced in 2016.  Now is the time to create something new.

Creating a new professional life for yourself is one of the best ways to wipe the slate clean.  So, dare yourself to start today, and move forward with your life.

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