runyan.leadershipMany clients I speak with are frustrated because they are not moving up quickly into a position of leadership or supervision.  Many of them are fearful of not being able to grow and develop into higher-level positions. Valid concern.  Sometimes we get stuck in a job and it’s hard to break out and rise above a certain level.

You can’t control the circumstances of your career such as a bad boss, downsizing or mean co-workers that make your life miserable. But, you can control how you respond to them.  You can create your own life and career success. That is why each of the suggestions below are not circumstances that are out of your control. Successful people create their own success, it didn’t just miraculously happen and you can create your own success too.

Here are five ways you can get promoted to leadership:

1) Tell everyone you work with that you want a leadership position. People can’t read your mind and help you if you don’t ask. In my first leadership position, I didn’t have a “leader” title so my boss didn’t really know how many leadership activities I was doing.  Most importantly, I let him know that I wanted a promotion. If I didn’t, I never would have been considered for one.  Not everyone wants to be in leadership so if you don’t express your desire to move up and grow, your management might not think you want it.

Set up a meeting with your boss and ask him/her what you would need to do in order to get promoted to a leadership position.  Tell him/her that you are very interested in your career growth and development and are ready for a challenge.

2) Exceed expectations in your current role.  Are you coming in early and staying late. Are you doing everything possible to ask for more opportunities and challenges. Do you do things without being asked? These are all requirements to take it to the next level.

If someone you work with is still working when you are about to leave, don’t leave. Instead, ask if you can help them get their task done so you can both leave at the same time.  Review your job description and ensure you are completing everything required. Then, brainstorm ways that you can go above and beyond your current job description.

3) Provide extra value to your company.  The clients I have coached to promotions all gave their management a specific dollar amount or justification for promotion.  Have you brought in new clients or new revenue?  How have you helped the company? You have to be prepared to present this if making a case for your promotion.

Review your company’s revenue goals and determine how your job plays into how the revenue increases or decreases. Then, determine actions you can take to increase that number. No matter what your job is, you do make a difference in the big picture of the goals of the company.

4) Become liked and trusted.  Let’s face it, people want to reward people they like. If you can’t be trusted to do your job right now, you won’t be trusted to manage a team of people. The more credible you are, the more confidence that people will have in you.

Be yourself at work and get to know people. Instead of burying yourself in your work all the time, walk the halls and check in on people. This is practicing a key leadership trait.

5) Grow your network within the company.  You can’t be promoted if no one knows you.  If your boss goes to present your promotion criteria to the rest of the leaders and none of them have even heard your name, you probably won’t get the promotion.

Start brainstorming ways you can develop key relationships with people on different teams at your company. Think of the job you want someday and set up a 15 minute meeting with the person who is already in that job. Ask them how you can grow into a position like theirs someday and get introductions to other people in the company.

Start taking the actions outlined above this week to reach your career and leadership goals this year.

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