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Anna Runyan is a Career Coach, Career Development Expert, Professor of Career Development and founder of Classycareergirl.com(http://www.classycareergirl.com ). Anna is the voice for women who want to find careers they love and get ahead. Since getting her own career unstuck, Anna has helped hundreds of professional women find meaningful and purposeful careers. Anna started her blog, ClassyCareerGirl.com, in March 2010 to document what she was learning during business school at UCSD and at her full-time consulting job at Booz Allen Hamilton. After just a few months, Classy Career Girl was named one of “The Top 50 Up and Coming HR Blogs for Career Development” and Anna quickly discovered her “passion project.” Recently, Anna’s site was picked as one of “Forbes Top 100 Websites For Your Career” and her career and office fashion advice was featured in People Stylewatch magazine. Anna is also a featured guest expert on Fox 5 New San Diego and San Diego 6 News. Anna is also a professor of Career Development, Journalism and Management at DeVry University, and the creator of popular programs like the Get Unstuck Bootcamp (http://www.loveyourcareerformula.com/ ) and the Get Ahead Club (http://getunstuck.classycareergirl.com/classy-career-girls-get-ahead-club/ ). For more about Anna Runyan and some photos, you can go to http://www.classycareergirl.com/media/

Website: http://www.classycareergirl.com

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Posts by AnnaR:

8 Time Management and Productivity Tips

8 Time Management and Productivity Tips

Being able to make TIME to complete all of your tasks and make your visions happen is one of your most crucial skills as a LEADER. That’s the difference between being a “hamster on a wheel” versus finishing that big project. As a leader, how you manage your time...
5 Ways to Get Promoted to Leadership

5 Ways to Get Promoted to Leadership

Many clients I speak with are frustrated because they are not moving up quickly into a position of leadership or supervision.  Many of them are fearful of not being able to grow and develop into higher-level positions. Valid concern.  Sometimes we get stuck in a job...
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