7 Advantages of Working in the Healthcare Industry

Martin Jameson is a financial advisor who developed a great interest in everything related to the healthcare industry. Besides his daytime job, he works as a content editor to Healthcaresalaryinfo.com.

Healthcare is typically a broad term that is used to describe a variety of careers that cater to health services to those who are in need of them. However, the benefits that come from healthcare jobs make it popular among graduates who are looking to make the switch to a more profitable career.

Below, are the top seven advantages of working in the healthcare industry that is not common among other job fields.

Increased Industry Growth

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is expected to grow exponentially from now until 2020. Plus, nearly eight out of the 20 fastest growing careers belong in the healthcare industry. With the number of careers losing positions, health care continues to grow. This fact has actually led many professionals to the healthcare industry and increased enrollment rated in medical courses.

Better Pay and Improved Benefits

Since the healthcare industry is always seeking new workers, pay is nearly always better, along with improved benefits compared to other industries. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that healthcare admin jobs offer up nearly $85,000 annual salary. Some of the highest-paid specialists in the medical field, like neurosurgeons, make an average of $609,639 a year. Plus, the benefits that are offered are much higher than positions in other industries. 

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is expected to grow exponentially from now until 2020.


A Stimulating Work Environment

Unfortunately, most work environments are often boring and uneventful. Unlike healthcare jobs, most careers are not challenging and repetitive. However, as a healthcare professional, you get to have a fast-paced workday with a constantly changing atmosphere. This type of work environment leaves professionals feeling a sense of fulfillment. Obviously, this cannot be said for a variety of positions in other industries.

Many Different Career Opportunities

No matter where you start in the healthcare field, whether it’s as an assistant, volunteer, or intern, you have the choice to pick what field you want to pursue. There are so many different career options within the healthcare industry. You will likely find at least one that you can enjoy.

You can even change your mind multiple times before making a final career decision, without losing any pre-existing respect in your field. In fact, most hospitals even offer their workers to cross train into different fields to build up their experience and try new things. So, even if you’re just an intern now, you have a whole lifetime to experience each field and decide what your specialty will be. Especially with the rapid growth of jobs in the healthcare industry, there are a variety of positions you can amount to.

Opportunity to Travel

People need qualified medical professionals all around the country and all around the world. Your career is not limited by geography. There are work opportunities all around the world from large cities to developing communities. Every field in the medical industry is in high demand all around the world. If you have ever dreamed of traveling the globe, you can! And, you can spread medical care, make money, and help citizens globally at the same time.

Flexible Hours

Since hospitals and other healthcare centers provide care 24/7, they need people to work for all of those hours. This means that you can likely schedule your work around your personal life. Say goodbye to the nine to five work day. If for example, you need to pick your children up after school, you can work later in the day. This will allow you to become more involved in your family life and create a better and more fulfilling work-life balance. This non-standard work schedule can also be of use if you ever decide to go back to school to get a more advanced degree.

The Chance to Help People

Very few other careers give people the opportunity to do as much good as the healthcare industry does. This desire to help others is what motivates most people in the industry to do their jobs day in and day out with a smile on their faces.

You can be a truly compassionate person, all while making a pretty good living. It does not matter what job you choose within the industry, you will be helping patients all the same to get the care that they need. Even in an administrative position, you will be helping people. This is perhaps the best reason to work in the healthcare industry.

There are so many benefits associated with working in the healthcare industry. Whether you work as an administrator or a surgeon, there are so many advantages that come with these positions. From the positive job outlook and high salaries to the better work-life balance and opportunity to do good, you can’t go wrong with a healthcare career.

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