Top 10 Job Hunting MistakesAre you still wondering why you are not getting any response from recruiters? Whether you are looking for a private sector or Federal government job, the job search strategy has become much smarter than it used to be a few years back.

Here’s what you can know about the top job-search mistakes and check if you are also committing them even without knowing it.

No or minimal online presence

In the Internet age, an online presence has become mandatory not only to stay connected with people, but also to search a job. Moreover, hiring managers also Google their future employees to know more about them. Hence, the absence on professional career networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook is a big “no-no”.

Missing professional Email Id

The email address is an important mode of contact between a hiring manager and a job seeker. Overlooking the importance of a professional email-id, many job seekers still feel OK with their college email ids such as or Wait! This is not any potential employer would like to contact you at. The idea is to create a professional email id in a simple format like <firstname>.<lastname>

Focus on career goal

A job search is not about randomly applying for several jobs, irrespective of the job role and your career plans. Lack of focus is one of the major mistakes committed by job seekers, particularly first time job hunters. You should be clear in your thought that what kind of job you are interested in doing. Moreover, analyze your career plans, skills, qualifications, and interest before searching for job openings in any field.

Incomplete research

Going clueless for a job interview about the job role and company is another job search faux pas. Go through the company’s website to know about its mission, values, people, and areas of operation to get clarity on your job and career growth.

Resume mistakes

A complete category of job search mistakes can be seen while writing a resume. Using a generic resume for all jobs is a common blunder. Always send a tailor-made resume for different jobs, proofread, use bullets, and limit the length.

No cover letter

Sending a resume without a cover letter is like preparing yourself to get no response from any hiring manager. A cover letter plays a vital role in applying to jobs and sending the accurate information to snatch the recruiter’s attention. Hence, write a cover letter to maximize your job search result.

Developing a negative attitude

Facing a couple of rejections during the job search process should not be a reason to develop a bad attitude. Moreover, take every failure as an opportunity to learn something and develop a right strategy to find your dream job.

Paying attention to job postings only

You certainly miss out several lucrative job opportunities if you are applying for available job openings only. Somewhere you need to become proactive in your approach and hunt for jobs in the ‘hidden’ job market. Check the websites of your preferred companies and search for any job openings not mentioned on any job portal. You can also send resume to their HR people for any job vacancy in the near future.

Not Using Social Connections

Career Networking is the latest buzzword in the job search market.  Several surveys have confirmed that using social media in job hunting is useful.  Widen your social network by talking to more friends, school/college alumni and also attend social networking events.  You never know when you will get a job from a referral.

Poor Follow Up

A job search process does not end at applying for jobs. Follow up is an important part of this process. However, it also does not mean that you start hounding your hiring manager constantly. For a decent follow up, a phone call is acceptable to know the status of your application form.

Avoid these mistakes and take up the small, but important tips. This will actually make a difference in your job hunt.


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