CSU: Reshaping the Way Students Learn Amidst a Pandemic

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The California State University has made remarkable achievements in helping students, faculty, and the community cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. With more than 482,000 students, approximately 53,000 faculty and staff, and 23 campuses, the university’s accomplishments are nothing short of phenomenal.

In under one month, CSU, which is the nation’s largest four-year public university, has made the transition to virtual learning. Additionally, numerous policies and procedures, admissions requirements, and processes have been temporarily modified to ensure students, faculty, and staff have the resources they need to achieve success.

“The health and well-being of our students and employees is always a foremost priority, and we are especially mindful of this during these unprecedented circumstances,” said CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White. “As we address a new reality where groupings of people can potentially foster the spread of infection, we must collectively work to limit the gathering of students, faculty and staff as much as possible, while fulfilling our academic mission.”

The California State University has also stepped up to provide housing to students who may otherwise have nowhere to go, ensuring that support services are available to the marginalized student populations.

The university’s impressive accomplishments do not end there, however. CSU is making a difference in the community and becoming part of the solution to the novel coronavirus crisis as well. A California State University COVID-19 Facilities and Services Responsiveness Team was created at the Chancellor’s Office to help “redirect certain CSU facilities to help in the pandemic response,” according to Chancellor White.

Additionally, numerous CSU campuses are revising 3D printing processes to manufacture face shields for first responders and other medical personnel, and the university has also developed a prototype of a cost-efficient ventilator that can be manufactured quickly from readily available parts.

About the California State University

The California State University is the largest four-year university in the nation. The CSU system features 23 campuses located throughout various locations in California. Approximately 50% of CSU’s 482,000 students transfer from area community colleges and about 1 in 20 Americans who hold a college degree are graduates of CSU. Created in 1960, the university is recognized for providing exceptional educational instruction to approximately 3.8 million Americans. To become part of the California State University family, check out the university’s career opportunities here.

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