Personal Development and Mental Health Issues During This Crisis

At MyConsultingCoach, we believe that there is a better way to coach. Rather than teaching outdated frameworks, we focus on training candidates so they develop the skills they actually need to get into consulting. 

Our mental health describes the way we perform as human beings. This includes the way we feel, think and make decisions. The state of your mental health will translate into how you function and plays a vital role in personal development. Also, mental health affects your capability to carry out many essential roles and activities which include the capacity to acquire skills and also understand and express positive and negative emotions. It is also vital to how we forge and adequately develop ourselves and relationships with others. 

Personal development is not a long-term goal or objective, or even social ambition. It is the continuous assessment along with realigning of essential goals that enables you to properly identify and optimize your functional abilities along with potential. Personal development is a vital part of personal growth. Transformation is continuous and inevitable. This can typically take place in the workplace, in your personal lives or our social environment that typically affects our ordinary routines as well as we typically function as humans. Change is inevitable and learning to naturally adapt to change is vital. 

Personal Growth is about evolving and is the continuous process of growing yourself to realistically achieve your greatest ability and is vital to your mental health, success, and happiness. 

Preparedness and strategizing 

Self-development and change can cause anxiety and give rise to feelings of distress and panic. For example, an applicant preparing for a case interview not knowing what to expect cannot properly prepare. This alone can be very unnerving and create stress. Being stressed in this situation will come across as not being confident, as well as indicate unpreparedness. This is why planning and strategizing plays a vital role in not solely developing your skills but also presents an excellent opportunity to boost your confidence and self-esteem. 

A healthy mental state is essential for self-growth. Starting your preparation with an unclear mind or feelings of trepidation will lead to unclear goals and objectives. It is impossible to progress with self-development if feeling anxious or panic-stricken. Therefore, a good development plan starts with learning coping tactics that will help direct your efforts while allowing time for relaxation and adjustment. 

Included are a few tips to improve your focus and clear your mind: 

  • Exercise is an extremely beneficial and effective way to help relax your body and clear your mind.
  • Practice breathing exercises
  • Maintain a balanced diet
  • Ensure your preparation plan leaves room for breaks during your practice sessions
  • Voice your concerns and worries. Speak to a family member, a colleague, mentor or coach

Personal development is not a long-term goal or objective, or even social ambition.


Plan With Purpose 

For a plan to produce the intended outcomes, it must be well laid out and continuously assessed. This will allow you to rank tasks and focus your attention on areas that require it. 

A few tips to planning with purpose include: 

  • Maintain a logical focal point, this drives your efforts toward your end goal.
  • Always plan with a clear purpose as this allows you to continue to be centered on the specified objectives.
  • A thorough plan is one that maintains a balance between maintaining good mental health and efficiency.
  • A plan should always be consistent as this is key to maintaining order and creating value
  • Having a clear, focused mind allows you to be observant and alert. An alert mind is a creative mind.
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