Careers In Government Becomes a SparkAmerica Partner

Careers In Government was the first Job Board in the marketplace when it launched in 1996 and continues to be one the nation’s leading State and Local Government Job Board and Career Resource Center.  We leverage state-of-the-art technology to promote talent acquisition that benefits both employers and recruiters in the public sector.

Careers In Government is happy to announce that we have become a SparkAmerica partner.  Today we’ll share information about SparkAmerica and what this means for your organization and local and state government organizations around America.

What is SparkAmerica?

SparkAmerica is a national campaign to “spark” America’s Fitness & Health, Leadership Development, and Community Support.

SparkAmerica is led by SparkPeople, the health and fitness company’s 50+ million annual visitors, and leading partners across America in different categories.  Partners include major media outlets, household-name nonprofits, large brands, experts and influencers, and many other leaders with more joining each week.

Our aspirational mission is to build the greatest-ever campaign for the areas of Fitness & Health, Leadership Development, and Community Support.

Careers In Government Leadership

Careers In Government is happy to become the lead SparkAmerica partner for local and state government entities.  As part of this, we have built a leaderboard that ranks state and local government organizations around the country based on the activity of their employees.

In working closely with the great people in state and local government organizations, we’re doing this for two main reasons:

First, we know this program can help millions of government employees reach health and fitness goals, which will make them healthier, more productive, and stronger leaders during this important time where leadership is so important.

Second, we know that state and local government organizations can play a leadership role in showing other organizations in your community the importance of these topics.  We’ve already seen this with SparkPittsburgh, where an Allegheny County Commissioner appeared on media partner ABC-Pittsburgh to talk about the importance of this campaign for the community.  

This will help your employees get healthy and fit as a base. But this is not “just” a health and fitness program.

What do SparkAmerica participants do as part of the campaign?

The tech platform built by SparkPeople lets participants do many types of fitness, nutrition, and goal-setting challenges and other activities.

Participants earn points for any of their healthy activities, including tracking, reading expert articles & videos, and supporting each other in the community.  Participants select their favorite affinities, including employer, city, favorite sports teams, and more.  We then aggregate all points earned (and steps and fitness minutes) to create leaderboards that rank organizations in different categories.  Over 150 cities are already represented on the city leaderboards.

How SparkAmerica Benefits Your Department or Agency

SparkAmerica is a free solution for Employers utilizing the Careers In Government Unlimited Annual Membership.  It can be part of your existing wellness program or can spark the creation of a wellness program.

The SparkPeople program is unique in that it intentionally integrates the best of health and fitness (elements that help your body) with the best of goal-setting, motivation, leadership, and behavioral psychology (elements that help your mind).

This will help your employees get healthy and fit. But this is not “just” a health and fitness program. Instead, with the inclusion of goal setting and behavioral psychology in the program, this is also a leadership development program. Next, because of the additional energy gained from improved health and fitness plus leadership skills, imagine large numbers of people energized to become Healthy Leaders to make a Positive Force supporting their friends, family, co-workers, and community in reaching goals.


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