LAX People-Mover Project Is On the Move with LINXS

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Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) Board of Airport Commissioners has chosen LAX Integrated Express Solutions as the Recommended Developer to design, build, finance, and operate the massive people-mover project that will soon have Angelenos, tourists and travelers from all over the world gliding to and from the terminals with ease. The LAWA Board of Commissioners announced Thursday, February 15, 2018 that they had approved LINXS for the enormous APM project and a $42 million preliminary agreement between the parties will set the plan in motion so that pre-construction can begin and the project can stay on track for completion by 2023. A 30-year contract valued at about $4.5 billion will be presented by LAWA to the BOAC and City Council for the green light, authorizing LINXS to complete numerous pre-construction activities including hiring local workers, soil testing, engineering, and continuing design of the APM. The contract includes extraordinary investments that will power the APM project forward, helping LAWA realize their visions of a world-class airport that inspires innovation, sustainability and success. “LINXS presented a superior technical proposal for a project that is both innovative and iconic and will also relieve traffic congestion, which furthers our goal of continually improving the experience for our guests.” -Sean Burton, President of BOAC. LINXS is committed to fostering the growth of the local economy through the creation of satisfying, well-paid jobs and the development of exciting opportunities for local and small businesses. The LINXS team has a strong history of involvement in substantial infrastructure projects both domestically and internationally. These projects have stimulated innovation and economic development and brought powerful benefits to various communities around the world. The automated people-mover will be a 2 ¼ mile transit system that will carry up to an astounding 10,000 passengers per hour, accommodating approximately 87.7 million passengers each year. The trains will arrive approximately every two minutes and will feature large windows and plenty of hand holds and seats, delivering the ultimate passenger experience. They will be equipped with wide entrance and exit doors to provide easy access for luggage, and the open-air station platforms will be well-lit and spacious. Escalators, elevators and moving walkways will be available to allow for fast, user-friendly access to the terminals. Designed to reduce emissions and relieve congestion in LAX and the surrounding areas, Los Angeles Councilmember Mike Bonin asserts that“It is a critical piece of our strategy to finally connect Metro rail to LAX, and will help transform this into a world-class airport that’s also a first-class neighbor.”
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