National Economic Development Week 2018 Is Underway

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May 7 through May 12 officially marks National Economic Development Week 2018. A period in which organizations and municipalities throughout the United States increase awareness about the exciting progress made by businesses, programs, and economic development professionals to enhance job creation, career advancement opportunities, and work-life balance, this week reminds government agencies, employers and workers that the economy cannot thrive without the combined efforts of everyone in the community.

During this week, economic organizations and municipalities all over the United States hold informative forums, offer tours of businesses and industries, and host campaigns that focus on strengthening the American economy. To help local, state, and regional economic development organizations increase awareness and encourage additional progress, the International Economic Development Council offers a helpful guide on their website entitled The Economic Development Week Toolkit. The toolkit provides an abundance of campaign ideas and shares success stories about the programs and services that have made a difference around the nation.

Since the beginning of National Economic Development Week in 2016, more than 450 campaigns throughout the US and Canada have created millions of impressions, news stories and blog entries, videos, and more to effectively promote and recognize innovation, creativity a, d perseverance. In 2017, campaigns occurred in all 50 American states as over 170 communities and 188 organizations across North America celebrated.

Many communities take advantage of the one-week celebration to engage local government officials, launch new resources or spotlight existing ones, host community events, and bring community supporters together to educate them about the accomplishment of workforce, business and community objectives.  

National Economic Development Week was initiated in 2016 by the International Economic Development Council- one of the largest economic development organizations dedicated to serving the needs of economic developers around the globe. The goal of National Economic Development Week is to highlight the substantial contributions economic development and economic developers have made and the impacts they have had on communities.

According to the International Economic Development Council, “Economic development is a set of programs and policies that aid in the creation, retention and expansion of jobs; the development of a stable tax base; and the enhancement of wealth.”

Last year, ribbon cuttings for new businesses, special lectures, open house events and a number of other special events and activities took place to help communities celebrate. Additionally, EDW was recognized by a wide variety of local elected officials. Three U.S, governors, including Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado, Governor Greg Abbot of Texas and Governor Matt Mead of Wyoming, signed proclamations to recognize National Economic Development week in their states. Principal Chief Bill John Baker of Cherokee Nation also signed a proclamation, and about 40 cities, counties, parishes and provinces across the United States and Canada signed resolutions.

IEDC Excellence in Economic Development Awards

An exciting way for organizations to showcase their achievements, the IEDC Excellence in Economic Development Awards program invites communities to submit their campaigns for recognition as well. Last year, the following campaigns were recognized.


City of Seaside

#SeasideLove for #EDW2017

Seaside, CA



The Grand Junction Area ED Partners

Celebrating Colorado’s Grand Valley

Innovation in Economic Development Week 2017

Grand Junction, CO


McKinney EDC

Economic Development Week 2017

McKinney Economic Development Corporation

McKinney, TX



Invest Buffalo Niagara

Economic Development Week

Buffalo, NY


Economic Development Council of Colorado & Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade CO

How Colorado Came Together to Market Economic Development



As communities throughout the United States, Canada, and across the globe prepare to kick off Economic Development Week, corporate leaders, government agencies, small businesses, and community organizations are reminded of the importance of programs and tools that enhance economic development. When entities from all levels work together, communities create economic well-being, inspire quality of life and work-life balance; and develop tools to promote recruitment, employee retention and expansion of businesses to create jobs, support growth, and enhance prosperity.

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