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Your Employees: Go Ahead and Love Them

February is “love” season. You know, Valentines Day and all. In terms of the workplace, it kind of begs the question, “Can we show love at work?” In this... Read More »

5 Ways to Create a Learning Culture

Every day when I arrived home from school my mom would ask the same question. It was deliberate and predictable. She would ask me, “Marnie, what did you learn... Read More »

Get Promoted Using Self-Deprecation

The more self-aware you are the greater your leadership effectiveness will be.

In a recent study from PDI Ninth House and the University of Minnesota, researchers found that leaders who... Read More »

How to Rate Employee Performance

The end of the year is performance evaluation time for many organizations.  If you are expected to assign a rating to the performance of your employees, consider five perspectives... Read More »

Employee Input for Performance Evaluations

As we enter the fourth quarter, you may be starting to think about writing annual employee performance evaluations for your employees.  Just remember, you don’t have to do it... Read More »

Employee Performance: Do you Have Time?

You do not have time to NOT manage employee performance! If managing employee performance is not a high priority for you on a daily basis,... Read More »

Employee Owners or Employee Renters?

Employees are a lot like cars.  The amount of care, attention to detail, and feelings of permanency we project toward our cars is comparable to the way employees view... Read More »

Working Your Strategic Plan

Has your organization joined the many that are embarking on a strategic plan?  Public sector organizations are turning to strategic plans en masse with the hope of defining a... Read More »

Accountability Doesn’t Work

The outcry is loud and clear: public agencies must be held accountable!

It follows that if the agency is going to be held accountable, employees who make up the agency... Read More »