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Accountability Doesn’t Work

The outcry is loud and clear: public agencies must be held accountable!

It follows that if the agency is going to be held accountable, employees who make up the agency... Read More »

Gaining Momentum

I’m part of a volunteer organization that went through a bit of a slump in the past few years.  We found ourselves begging for board members and scraping by... Read More »

Focus on Employee Behaviors to Get Results

We all have an “attitude” problem at times. You’ve probably even had employees who you’ve described as having a bad attitude.  However, focusing on the attitude of an employee... Read More »

Avoid Inherited Performance Problems

Have you ever received the “inheritance surprise?” No, not the one that comes after probate proceedings.  “Inheritance surprise” is the surprise you get you get a new employee and... Read More »

The 4 Cultures of Employee Retention in the Public Sector

The reality of today’s job market is that workers are expecting more from their employers and are not afraid to move on if their needs are not met by... Read More »

Employee Engagement: The Best 11 Tips

Study after study has proven that engaged employees, employees who care, lead to increased productivity, better customer service, and increased commitment to the mission.  As a result, efficiencies increase,... Read More »

Challenging What One Knows in Local Government

Every organization has a set of beliefs, or norms, that guide day-to-day interactions and processes. Organizational beliefs help to frame our decision-making and allow us to be consistent and... Read More »

What’s Trust Got To Do With It?

Pension reform, budget cuts, restructuring, doing more with less. . . all of these modern-day public sector realities have had a tremendous impact on the level of trust in... Read More »

Fielding Hard Ball Questions from Public Audiences

All the practice, preparation and knowledge in the world cannot prepare you for an audience who does not like you or your message.  Many of my clients face public... Read More »