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Born and raised in Rochester, New York, I grew up reading everything from Magic Treehouse to Sarah Dessen to Jane Austen, and writing in every form possible. These days, you'll find me in Michigan writing blogs, social media posts, and designing digital identities. I graduated with a degree in Professional Writing with a focus on Digital and Technical Writing from Michigan State University. I also earned a minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. My minor allowed me to continue to pursue a passion for the environment and Earth's well-being, while my Professional Writing classes helped me hone my craft as a communicator. I use my communication skills to build authentic digital experiences, as well as use the power of words to bring awareness to issues that are close to my heart. In my free time, I love reading fiction and poetry, traveling to far off places, and hanging out with my cat, Charlotte.

Website: https://www.quickenloans.com/

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How To Become A Better Negotiator

How To Become A Better Negotiator

When it comes to working with people, one of the best to have is the ability to negotiate. Being a great negotiator will help you reach goals you did not think were possible. Especially for some positions, like Careers In Government jobs for instance, where you may interview for positions with high stakes and responsibilities. Being able to negotiate will help put your best foot forward in business, negotiate contract terms and promotions.

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