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Shakena Warren was born and raised in New Jersey. She started pushing at an early age raising her younger sisters. Her mother got swept up into the drug scene in the 1980’s and continues to struggle with her addiction today. Shakena believed young girls without guidance could be lost to the streets. She took the responsibility for her younger sisters and became their role model. In 1994, Shakena graduated from high school and started her freshman year of college. By this time she had 3 sisters, ages 12, 2 and a 1 month old baby. Shakena intentions were to complete a four year degree in Communications but she only completed two and joined the workforce. At this time Shakena placed her focus on ways to stay employable to provide for her sisters. Shakena always had amazing talent for doing hair! She comes from a female dominated family which gave her all the practice she needed. Shakena enrolled in Cosmetology school part-time at night and worked temporary administrative jobs during the day. In 1998, Shakena obtained a NJ State Cosmetology license and worked full time in the salon for a few years. Her income as a hairstylist was profitable but she wanted to become computer savvy to create more opportunities. She was interested in applying for jobs in beauty companies where she could blend her administrative and cosmetology backgrounds. She completed a four month computer applications course. Two years later, she enlisted in United States Navy and provided administrative, personnel and human resource services to military personnel. While stationed overseas, she performed hair services for military and civilian women on the weekends. Shakena met her husband, married and had two children while they were in the Navy. In August of 2008 they opened a beauty supply store/salon in Hagerstown, MD where they resided. A year later, she decided to leave the Navy with an honorable discharge to focus on her family and business. In 2012, Shakena closed the store/salon and completed her Bachelors degree and started pursuing her Masters in Public Relations. As an administrative and beauty professional, Shakena had the opportunity to interact with diverse groups of women. Shakena and many other women had the same story of sacrifice; they put their families first and struggled to rekindle their own personal and professional growth. Shakena motivated and encouraged women because she knew the impact a woman can make on her family and community when she value and love herself. Throughout her travels and interactions in life, she realized women faced the same issues regardless of their ethnic, financial or social status. Shakena started redoing her family and friends resumes to help them get back into the workforce or acquire a better paying job. Not only did they get the job, they regained their confidence and self esteem! Ladies, you can do anything and be anybody you want to be, just keep pushing!

Website: http://www.shepush.com/home.html

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I Tried to Use a Job to Regain my Identity!

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