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The following directory of executive search firms is an informative service for both public sector employers and job seekers alike. Executive search firms provide a variety of important and valuable services which include: personnel management and classification systems development; candidate recruitment and testing; test development and training; and general consultation on human resources-related topics.

Please do not send unsolicited resumes to executive search firms unless you are applying for a specific position for which they are conducting an active recruitment.

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Photo of Affion Public

Affion Public

Affion Public is a strategic consulting and advisory services firm focused on providing technology and executive search services for state and local government, education and non-profit organizations.

Affion Public is the result of a merger between Arcus Public, a nationally recognized executive search firm, and Affinity Technology Consultants, an experienced technology advisory and consulting services company.…

Photo of Alliance Resource Consulting

Alliance Resource Consulting

ALLIANCE RESOURCE CONSULTING LLC is considered one of the premier public sector executive recruiting firms in the country. Our company motto “The Power of Partnership” is taken seriously at ALLIANCE and carries a reputation of providing service and building lasting relationships by placing the highest quality candidates throughout the United States.

ALLIANCE RESOURCE CONSULTING was formed when our executive search consultants acquired the highly regarded executive search practice of one the largest public sector consulting/government services companies in the United States.…

Photo of Avery Associates

Avery Associates

William Avery & Associates, Inc. is an Executive Search and Labor Relations consulting firm, which has served both the public and non-profit sectors for over 25 years. Building strong relationships with clients, and helping clients build strong relationships within their own organizations, are key objectives at Avery Associates.

The firm is pleased to announce the creation of a new Management Group to complement its current services.…



Technology breakthroughs. Sweeping legislation. Shifting demographics. These are everyday headlines that remind us change is constant. Yet the word “change” can have negative connotations. It suggests a loss of control. It can be threatening. It is something to resist.

So we describe change as progress because that is exactly what is happening at Baker Tilly. It is a subtle yet important nuance.…

Photo of Bernard Hodes Group

Bernard Hodes Group

Way back in 1970 Hodes set out to redefine help-wanted advertising with a fresh, creative, “big picture” approach to solving recruitment problems.

Today we’re a world leader in integrated talent solutions. We continue to promote growth and change in our marketplace, while advancing the state of our art. We remain dedicated to the three elements upon which we built our agency: service, creativity and respect.…

Photo of BHI Management Consulting

BHI Management Consulting

We optimize the way your agency or business organization operates. We have a strong and guiding belief that clarity and vision in management are paramount. Agencies and companies too often allow themselves to stagnate, moving forward without a plan or clear vision. Success is a result of good planning and aligned action.

Whatever your organization’s budget level, we can help.…

Photo of Bob Murray & Associates

Bob Murray & Associates

Bob Murray & Associates

Bob Murray & Associates brings a personal approach to providing quality executive recruitment services. Our clients include cities, counties, special districts, and non-profits – both large and small. We work with our clients to identify their needs, so we can recruit outstanding candidates for their consideration. A significant number of our clients have requested our assistance time and again as a result of the quality of our work.…

Photo of Brimeyer-Fursman, LLC

Brimeyer-Fursman, LLC

Brimeyer Fursman, LLC is an executive search and consulting firm working primarily in the public sector. We provide executive services to public sector and non-profit boards, councils, and commissions to assist in the recruitment and selection of managers, administrators, directors, department heads, and key staff. We serve our clients by functioning as a professional extension of their human resource department.…

Photo of CDM Smith

CDM Smith

CDM Smith provides lasting and integrated solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities to public and private clients worldwide. As a full-service consulting, engineering, construction, and operations firm, we deliver exceptional client service, quality results and enduring value across the entire project life cycle.

World Headquarters
50 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

Tel: +1.617.452.6000
Fax: +1.617.452.8000

Established – 1947 as a partnership; incorporated in 1970.…

Photo of Colin Baenziger & Associates

Colin Baenziger & Associates

Candidates often ask us for advice about how to present themselves to potential employers. While it is aimed primarily at the public sector and city manager positions in particular, much of it is applicable to the private sector as well. We hope the information provided in this section of our website will be helpful.

Note that the materials provided herein are designed to be used together.…

Photo of CPS HR Consulting

CPS HR Consulting

At CPS HR Consulting, every service we provide, every recommendation we make, is based on improving your agency’s organizational performance.
Throughout our 25 years of HR service, we’ve developed unparalleled expertise in the public sector, as well as strategic focus unmatched by any other HR service provider. Applying this combination of knowledge and vision, we’re uniquely capable of helping you maximize your organizational performance.

Photo of Delta Prime Consulting

Delta Prime Consulting

About Us

Delta Prime specializes in providing mission-based organizations  with a unique blend of professional HR and organizational development  expertise. We offer a variety of customized services — ranging from recruiting  to coaching to succession planning — that allow HR and organizational  development to work together effectively. Our approach is not  one size fits all. Instead, we craft tailored strategies and solutions that fit  your organization’s individual needs and aid in accomplishing its specific  mission and goals.

Photo of Jennifer Fadden

Jennifer Fadden


Photo of GMP Consulting

GMP Consulting

GMP Consultants is a northwest-based public sector executive search firm that brings over 180 years of local government leadership experience with both regional and national relationships. All our senior search consultants are active in both ICMA and local state level city management associations or in their respective professional associations. GMP Consultants offer our clients experienced subject matter experts with a solid understanding of local government coupled with decades of experience.…

Photo of GMP Consulting

GMP Consulting

GMP Consultants is a northwest-based public sector executive search firm that brings over 180 years of local government leadership experience with both regional and national relationships. All our senior search consultants are active in both ICMA and local state level city management associations or in their respective professional associations. GMP Consultants offer our clients experienced subject matter experts with a solid understanding of local government coupled with decades of experience.…

Photo of GOVHR USA


Heidi Voorhees and Joellen Earl have extensive experience in local government consulting and in local government administration.  This experience along with an understanding of the changing needs of local government led them to form GovHR USA, a comprehensive consulting firm that provides executive recruitment, interim and contract staffing, management and human resources consulting and professional development to clients.…

Photo of Hawkins Company

Hawkins Company

Established in 1984, The Hawkins Company is a management consulting firm specializing in executive recruitment. While recognized  for our expertise in diversity recruiting, we are a general practice executive search firm that focuses on achieving the executive level staffing objectives of private, public, educational and non-profit clients with a commitment to recruiting “best in class” diverse leadership talent.…

Photo of HR Dynamics & Performance Management, Inc.

HR Dynamics & Performance Management, Inc.

Rhonda Strout-Garcia received her Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management from Chapman University, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Illinois University in Workforce Education and Development. She is a graduate of the Leadership Riverside Program sponsored by the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce.

Rhonda’s experience includes over 30 years of professional public management experience, in Human Resources Management.…

Photo of HR-OneSource


At HR-OneSource we specialize in providing human resource consulting services to employers. Since employee costs represent a major share of the costs of operating a company, it is very important to manage the human resource element as attentively as you do your physical and financial resources. To help you manage this human resource element, HR-OneSource can provide you with the expertise on a more economical consulting basis than a costly full-time employment arrangement.…

Photo of jdgraygroup.com


Jason Gray is an experienced local government professional based in who has led teams in the role of City Manager and Assistant City Manager for over 15 years.  In his role as City Manager, he was able to lead teams in accomplishing a wide variety of financial, economic development, organizational, and technical breakthroughs. Jason’s experience as the Chief Executive Officer of two high-growth, high-quality of life communities (City Manager of Money Magazine’s #1 Best Place to Live in America-McKinney, Texas and City Manager of Celina, Texas) as well as his years as an Assistant City Manager in Frisco, Texas has provided Jason with a remarkable perspective to help communities succeed at the highest levels.…

Photo of Koff & Associates

Koff & Associates

Koff & Associates is a full-service human resources consulting firm specializing in the areas of consultation and custom services in strategic planning for the management of human resources. We help our clients address the people side of their business. This includes classification and compensation studies, performance management systems, recruitments, handbook and process design audits, labor/management issues and productivity improvement.…

Photo of McGrath Consulting, Inc.

McGrath Consulting, Inc.

Citizens have high expectations of what fire, EMS, and police departments should provide. These expectations are often based on scenes from television, movies, or hearsay rather than industry standards or budget constraints. The McGrath Consulting Group’s methodology helps define proper levels of response and services as well as the dollars needed to provide that service.

Public safety is not only necessary, it’s a major cost center.…

Photo of Mercer Group

Mercer Group

Jerry Bailey has served in Human Resource leadership positions in both the public and private sector for over 35 years, leading operations in California, Hawaii, Louisiana, New Jersey, Tennessee and Texas. This service included public education, telecommunications, electric, gas, water and wastewater utility management as well as a partner in the Western Personnel Management Center where Jerry concentrated on union relations for elementary and secondary school districts and guiding school districts through a community based search process for selection of Superintendents and other school administration positions. …

Photo of Mercer Group

Mercer Group

The Mercer Group, Inc. is an independent management consulting firm incorporated in the State of Georgia and operating nationwide.

The firm was founded by James L. Mercer, a management consultant of more than 30 years in the public and private sectors and a former Assistant City Manager.  He has written and co-authored seven books and more than three hundred articles on various phases of public management.…

Photo of Mercer Group

Mercer Group

Mr. Higginbotham’s distinguished public sector career of over 30 years has included serving as chief executive officer and chief financial officer of cities in Florida and California.  He served as City Manager of Gainesville, Florida, Melbourne Beach, Florida, Surfside, Florida, and Madeira Beach, Florida ranging in population from 3,100 to 123,100 and CFO in Bakersfield, California with a population of 352,400.  …

Photo of Mosaic Public Partners

Mosaic Public Partners

Mosaic Public Partners provides a client-focused, customized approach to every search.  We create an open, transparent, and interactive search process for both our clients and candidates.  As a small firm we remain highly responsive to client needs and objectives, along with being personally available during the search process.  Honest communication, collaboration and connecting with people are key components in a successful search. …

Photo of Neher & Associates Executive Search & Recruiting

Neher & Associates Executive Search & Recruiting

Founded with the mission of optimizing excellence through three basic concepts: quality performance, integrity, and partnering for success, the Neher & Associates team of consulting professionals is characterized by high ethics, over 30 years of senior level management and consulting experience, professionalism, flexibility, attention to details, a collegial participative management style, and respect for confidentiality.…

Photo of Peckham & McKenney

Peckham & McKenney

Peckham & McKenney provides Executive Search and Consulting services to local government agencies throughout the Western United States and is headquartered in Sacramento, CA. The firm was established as a partnership in June 2004 by Bobbi Peckham and Phil McKenney and is supported by an experienced administrative staff.
Peckham & McKenney was established on the premise that an executive search and consulting firm must be dedicated to providing its clients and candidates with professional service, as well as a personal, hands-on approach.…



POLIHIRE is a minority-owned and operated executive search firm based in Washington, DC, with a national focus and perspective. We provide organizations with first-rate, consistent service in addressing their most critical, sensitive executive hiring needs. We offer complete retained executive search services, including needs and specifications development, target and candidate review and selection, as well as offer negotiation.…

Photo of Prothman


Prothman, headquartered in the greater Seattle area, specializes in providing national, regional, and local recruitment services to large and small cities, counties, special districts, nonprofits, and other governmental agencies throughout the United States.

Driven by our passion for local government, we are known and respected for our outstanding customer service, quality candidate pools, and first-hand knowledge of local government.…

Photo of Ralph Andersen & Associates

Ralph Andersen & Associates

Ralph Andersen & Associates has a clear focus in its approach to assignments:

  • There’s always an entire team behind every assignment;
  • We take a multi-disciplinary approach to meeting our client’s needs;
  • We provide a broad range of personalized services; and
  • We keep commitments, performing at a level that exceeds our client’s expectations.

Photo of Richard Meyes Associates

Richard Meyes Associates

Corporate Information 

Who We Are?

We are game changers.

RMA goes beyond traditional talent acquisition and a one-time job fulfillment project. We deliver customized talent acquisition and management that encompasses more than just the job you’re filling. We match candidates to your more comprehensive business needs, enhancing operations.

Our Total Talent Management approach ensures that candidates are thoroughly vetted and matched to your company’s culture, skills requirements, and business objectives.…

Photo of Roberts Consulting Group

Roberts Consulting Group

Norm Roberts pioneered the field of public sector recruiting. Our consultants have successfully recruited thousands of chief executives and senior-level executives for public agencies throughout the United States. We have assisted our clients in finding highly talented individuals with a commitment to serving the public, and our placements are some of the best and brightest in their fields.…

Photo of Slavin Management Consultants

Slavin Management Consultants

Slavin Management Consultants is an independent management consulting firm located in Norcross, GA and operates a nation-wide management consulting practice. We take pride in providing exceptional and tailored consulting services to a wide variety of clients.

Slavin Management Consultants was founded in 1988 by local government practitioners to provide quality human resources services to public sector organizations.…

Photo of Strategic Government Resources

Strategic Government Resources

SGR is the go-to resource for all things local government. Trusted by candidates seeking municipal jobs as well as local governments looking to fill positions, fulfill training needs, develop and execute strategic planning for the future, and network with other local government leaders, SGR is your partner in local government. With the second-largest municipal job board in the nation and a robust Executive Recruitment program, including services for interim and embedded needs, consulting, and all the training a new team member or existing team could want, we are here for you.…

Photo of Teri Black & Company, LLC

Teri Black & Company, LLC

Our Philosophy
Our business strategy is based on two guiding principles — quality and results. We offer a highly personalized approach to our clients so they receive superior service and, ultimately, impressive results. Retaining TBC as a recruiting partner is an investment that will reap rewards for many years to come.…

Photo of Waldron


Waldron is the consulting partner strategic leaders choose to help attract, engage, and inspire effective leaders. We provide a unique combination of executive search, leadership development and career transition services across sectors and industries. Our passion is helping people and organizations realize their full potential and increase their impact.

When your brand reputation is on the line, you can trust Waldron to resolve even the most sensitive talent and management challenges with experience, discretion and insight.…

Photo of WBCP, Inc.

WBCP, Inc.

When you choose the WBCP team, you get a dedicated partner. WBCP has over 20 years of experience providing search services for the public sector and nonprofit organizations. We are experts at managing recruitments for small, medium, and large public sector and nonprofit organizations. We have a track record of working successfully with elected officials, constituents, staff, and community-based organizations through our comprehensive recruitment process.…

Photo of Webuild Staffing

Webuild Staffing

With over 18 years of experience recruiting professionals within these industries, Webuild Staffing has gained an exceptional understanding of the full life cycle of development and all the personnel required to take a project from acquisition through completion; Whether Construction, Engineering, Environmental or Climate Change / Sustainability oriented we take the time to understand the nuances of your employment needs and puts our expertise to work to achieve exceptional results.…


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