Sheep Don’t Kill Sheep

Former Liverpool architect and author of Cancer 4 Me 5

Why do we kill each other?

In the space of a few thousand years the human race has developed the planet it has found itself on to an extraordinary and amazing level. You can fly from London to Sydney in a little over 20 hours. You can drive all the way from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. You can walk across the sea from Denmark to Sweden on the Oresund bridge. We have built amazing, complex cities with state of the art hospitals, schools, sports stadia, public buildings, transport systems and all kinds of houses to live in. We have sent a man to the moon. For centuries we have produced incredible music, art, literature, technology, medical advancements, institutes of learning and industrial innovation.

We did it. We are the only ones here. We can feel very proud.

But we still kill each other.

We can feel very ashamed.

If aliens were to arrive on earth tomorrow I am pretty sure they would be amazed that we kill each other. They would look at the remainder of the creatures on the planet and see that only a very small portion of them resort to killing, and only then at times of essential need. They kill when they need to do so to stay alive. But as humans, we are so much more advanced than the remainder of the animal kingdom and we have no basic need to kill another human.

“So tell me why do you humans kill each other”?

Could we not have agreed from the outset that we do not kill each other?


How did it ever get this far. Was there nobody there to shout stop as soon as it started to begin.  Could we not have agreed from the outset that we do not kill each other.

But now, rather than be abhorred by it, killing has become so commonplace that we have almost become insensitive to it. It has become an integral part of who we are. There are industries based on it, jobs depending on it, governments elected because of it. It has become a seamless part of our society. We have designated days when we try not to smoke, or chose to cycle to work rather than use our car, or abstain from meat or food to fast for some reason or other. How I would love to see a day for the entire world when nobody gets killed. But we are gone way beyond that now.

The aliens are more confused than ever.

For all our incredible advancements and all of the wonderful things we have created, cities, hospitals, schools, art galleries, concert halls, bridges, computers, airplanes, space ships…………………we still seem to have so much to learn from the remainder of world.

Sheep don’t kill sheep.

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