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Former Liverpool architect Liam Ryan was diagnosed with “one of the worst cases” of head and neck cancer ever seen at Aintree University Hospital in 2002. But with world-class medical expertise and the support of his friends and family, he managed to beat the illness – and now he’s written a book about it titled “Cancer 4 Me 5 (after extra time)”.

Website: http://liamryan5cancer4.com

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The (Unfair) Pressure on the Kicker

The (Unfair) Pressure on the Kicker

The position of the kicker on a football team has always intrigued me. Here is a player that for most of the time is practically anonymous. Many of the rival fans and neutrals watching won’t even know his name. He runs on, unannounced and unnoticed, a few times in the game just to kick the ball between the posts, and then disappears again, whilst everybody is generally consumed with the much higher profile players and the more dramatic plays.


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