nonprofitNonprofits are vital institutions and can have profound effects on individuals, communities, and governments. These organizations can be attributed with improving our economic conditions, working with government leaders, and advancing public policy initiatives.

A Valuable Organization

Allen L. Ellison co-founded and launched The Center for Economic & Policy Development, Inc. with Dr. Thomas Douglas in 2014. The Center was born out of their passion and vision to ignite new thinking and enhance the world around them. The Center’s purpose is to advance public policy initiatives and economic development assistance which can improve the financial security of citizens nationwide. The Center is committed to leaving a positive impact on citizens, organizations, and the economy through its mission of delivering the highest quality community assistance, locally and nationally.

Public Policy

The Center’s public policy initiatives include American Infrastructure, Economic Development, Agriculture, Public Health, Climate Change, and Green Energy. Each of these issues are important to local and state governments, communities, and individuals due to their economic impacts. Our infrastructure is vital to economic development, employment, job security, tourism, and public transportation. Fluctuating gas prices, the financing issues of the Highway Trust Fund, and diminishing government budgets all play a role within infrastructure projects and collaborations. It is the belief of The Center that partnerships are vital because they can add capital into the market and generate long-term employment, which are fundamental to the quality of life.

Economic Development is central to securing a strong economic future. It creates the conditions for economic growth through developing the abilities of individuals, organizations, and communities in order to maximize the application of their abilities and skills to support innovation, decreased costs, and producing and trading valuable goods and services. Economic development also requires effectual collaborative institutions focused on supporting mutual advancement for both the public and private sectors.

Public Health policy is significant to our economic security, communities, individuals, and local and state governments. Collaborative and preventive approaches to improve individual and population public health are increasing. These approaches entail government preparedness through the coordination of programs and policies, which affect decision making processes and engage the necessary stakeholders. The Center’s commitment to improving public health policy includes improving health outcomes, health equity, and/ or supporting structural process changes.

We have been witnessing more extreme weather events and extreme temperatures. These events are directly linked to increasing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases caused by human activities. Climate change is vital to our public health, emergency management, and economic systems. The Center supports the necessary planning and collaborative activities that will make a difference.


The Center’s programs and structure facilitate quick operations and create the foundation for responsiveness to changing economic conditions. We offer assistance that is intended to help communities evolve through the economic development process to become resilient structures for job creation and growth.

Public Works & Economic Development: Assists afflicted communities with expanding and upgrading their infrastructure as well as empowering communities to attract new industries, support business expansion, expand local economies, and produce and preserve long-term employment.

Economic Adjustment Assistance: Delivers a wide range of technical, planning, public works, and infrastructure assistance within areas experiencing adverse economic modifications.

Economic Development Planning Assistance: Provides focused assistance, including project planning, economic impact analyses, and feasibility studies to aid in economic development decision-making processes.

Research & Evaluation: Supports research in economic development practices and information dissemination efforts to national audiences.

Planning Assistance: This programs aids local and regional organizations with their short term and long term planning efforts.

Business Development Center:  The Center operates Business Incubators to offer organizations with the service accommodations necessary to operate a successful business. This includes a virtual office space with a reputable location to meet clients as well as providing a legitimate business address.

Community Development Center Assistance Program: This program enhances the quality of community life and attains neighborhood revitalization through a comprehensive community development program that practices and balances historic preservation and urban design, economic vitality, and increasing job opportunities and support. This program provides support to local, regional, and national organizations with short-term and long-term planning efforts.

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