How Governments are Shaping Electric Vehicle Policy Around the World


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From the local level to the national and even international level, governments play a key part in shaping environmental policy. National Geographic states that the effects of climate change will grow in the next few years, citing rising sea levels, stronger hurricanes, increased drought and the spread of diseases as potential consequences. These instances touch every piece of our government, from budgeting to disaster relief programs and many departments in between. 

Governments and Businesses Must Work Together

The responsibility to improve environmental efforts falls on all of us–companies, organizations and individuals alike, but governments can help promote improvement for all. Public policy is a way to enact long-term change, but businesses and governments should work together for the best results. Setting goals for zero-emissions is one example of how policymakers can shape environmental change and hold corporations accountable for doing the same.

Efforts to improve the environment will grow in importance as consumers become more environmentally conscious.


Investing in Clean Energy

Today’s article focuses on how governments around the world, like China and Norway, are responding to the need to switch to gas-alternative vehicles. Some common examples of public policy that promote electric vehicle adoption are tax credits and rebates. It’s important to note that some governments around the world are scaling back efforts, which may mean governments see the electric vehicle market as stable and lowering incentives to switch. 

In terms of manufacturing hubs for electric vehicles, you may not be surprised to learn that China leads all other countries by a landslide and this also goes for the number of electric vehicle sales. However, China has some of the worst air pollution in the world, so the shift to green policies is more than necessary. China is navigating how to help the environment and improve the quality of life without harming business –the largest concern those opposed to stricter environmental policies. 

Efforts to improve the environment will grow in importance as consumers become more environmentally conscious. Governments and policymakers must respond sooner rather than later to achieve positive outcomes. While the electric vehicle market shows no sign of slowing down, leaders should carefully evaluate independent needs and respond as necessary both in policy and action. The decisions made now and in the coming years will play vital roles in determining the future of our communities and quality of life. 

This infographic (source: The Zebra) dives into the electric vehicle market and highlights how some countries are leading the way to an electric future.


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