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Amanda Tallent is a content creator who develops helpful and compelling stories. Her passion for digital marketing and creative writing has led her to cover unique topics ranging from business to lifestyle. She calls Austin, TX home and enjoys crafting, decorating and traveling in her spare time.


Posts by Amanda Tallent:

How Governments are Shaping Electric Vehicle Policy Around the World

How Governments are Shaping Electric Vehicle Policy Around the World

From the local level to the national and even international level, governments play a key part in shaping environmental policy. National Geographic states that the effects of climate change will grow in the next few years, citing rising sea levels, stronger hurricanes, increased drought and the spread of diseases as potential consequences. These instances touch every piece of our government, from budgeting to disaster relief programs and many departments in between.

How to Outsmart Decision Fatigue

How to Outsmart Decision Fatigue

Being in a leadership position carries a lot of responsibility and decision making. Most of the time, the shots you call effect many others down the line and sometimes for years to come. While it’s almost impossible to please everyone, there are some ways to guarantee you’re equipped to make the right decisions.

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