job searchA Job Is Like Transportation

If a personal car is transportation of choice, one vehicle generally does not last forever. I acknowledge there are cars whose owner remains the original driver. A one owner classic car may be like a family business which sounds like a great idea, but it’s not for everyone. Another main mode of transportation is the public bus or subway. College students know all too well the confines of a college down, class schedule, and personal finance challenges can dominate life. Popular transportation methods include using a transportation network company or taxi service. Work through a temporary service agency is quite analogous to using a smart phone and requesting an Uber. Perhaps the simplest forms or transportation are walking or riding a peddle bike. Remember the simpler time in life when as a kid, summer consisted of walking down the street to a friend’s house or riding bikes to the corner c-store. Because of my current desire for new transportation, the majority of the focus hereafter will be on the personal car.

Searching for a Job Is Similar to Searching for the Best Form of Transportation

Generating a wish list for a first or next car should be as popular as generating a wish list for a first or next job. Such a list may include a rank order of job titles or ideal locations. After typing the priorities on a computer screen, reality may set in a job with salary of $200,000 per year isn’t feasible for this recent college graduate just like an $80,000 car isn’t going to be registered in the same recent college graduate’s name anytime soon.

Reiterating an earlier thought, not all cars last forever. This is particularly true in a climate where road salt is used heavily. Simply put, the economics of repairing and maintaining an older vehicle gets tiresome. The analogy here follows, after a while, a job is no longer challenging and personal growth possibilities are limited.

Research Is Key to Finding the Right Car

Whether the car is new or used, finding the best make and model is important. It takes time and patience to thoroughly research available options. There are services providing reasonable assurance of VIN histories, and the internet is scattered with reviews of specific makes and models aiding interested parties in their decision.  Sites like assist in connecting employers and prospective employees. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides information on common job titles and associated career paths.

It is best when searching for a car to have an idea of a budget in addition to desired capabilities and features.  The same holds true for all forms of transportation: before making a decision understand the benefits and consequences of taking public transportation, getting a taxi, or deciding to bike. It is best when searching for a different job or considering a career change to have an idea of needs, passions, and abilities. By understanding the importance of experience and education, five- and ten-year career goals, the kind of work environment in which performance is maximized, and city culture where life will be lived outside work, these factors contribute to the decision to reply to job postings that make the most.

The take away is whether more recently you bought a new car or more recently found a different job, the similarities between the two are uncanny. Tips and trick that work for finding the right car may work for finding a different job or vice versa. As I have found out, the process of applying for jobs and searching for vehicles is different for everyone. Take this as an opportunity to discover something new about who you are, and most importantly, have some fun during the process.

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