Who is the Person Who Really Gets Things Done in Your Office? Get to Know Them!

Named by Inc. as one of the top 100 leadership speakers, Shelley Row, P.E., is an engineer and former government and association executive. Shelley’s leadership work focuses on developing insightful leaders who can see beyond the data.
In nearly every office, there is a well-connected person who carries a unique power. They may not have the formal title or be considered part of the executive team, but they know the secrets, the personalities and the resources that give them an uncanny ability to get things done.

You need to know this person.

I learned this lesson by accident.  One of my skilled staff members was struggling in her current role. It dawned on me that her real skill was her organizational connections. She knew who cared about what. She knew who pulled the strings. She knew struggles, successes, and secrets.  At the time, we didn’t have a Chief of Staff position, but we created one, and she excelled in it.

Here’s how to find the well-resourced person on YOUR staff (and don’t be surprised if it’s someone in a support-staff/administrative role.) This staff member:

Who is the super-connected person in your office?
Knows the staff.  He keeps a list of birthdays. She knows about family events and personal issues. They have intel on almost everyone.

Knows how to get things done. She not only knows people but also knows the right processes to move things forward. He has a relationship with other staff members and vendors that allows him to grease the skids to get quick turnarounds on projects.

Knows the insider political information. Most organizations have internal politics. He knows who is “in” and who is “out.”  She’s aware of who might be moving up and who is falling out of favor. She has her ears to the ground and may have strong relationships with the people who make those decisions.

Who is the super-connected person in your office? It’s time to figure that out, take them to lunch, learn their interests and make them a key part of your team! It’s not necessary nor professional to ask them to reveal confidential information nor to expect favors, but if you develop an effective professional relationship based on a sincere appreciation of their skills, don’t be surprised at the help they will be to you.


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