Rekindle Your Career with Legos and a Dream

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Rekindle Your Career with Legos and a Dream

Posted on November 14th, by Marc Plooster in on the job. No Comments

Four weeks ago, I was approached with an opportunity some only dream of, and many, myself included, never thought was a possibility.  I met with a Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a small to medium size city, and in essence, I was asked what I can and want to do.  There are many ways one … Read More »

Gender Wage Gap: What No One Reveals

Posted on November 14th, by Valerie Martinelli in on the job. No Comments

There was a recent study conducted by Payscale that illustrates the harsh truth behind the gender wage gap. Women earn 25.6% less than men when all men are compared to all women. This is only a dismal 74 cents on the dollar. Ladies, we are worth a lot more than this. While this study emphasizes … Read More »

Using Strategic Keywords throughout your Resume

Posted on November 12th, by Andrew Conlon in resumes/cover letters. No Comments

Ever wonder why your resume is not getting the attention you feel it deserves or you don’t get offered an interview for a position you have all the right qualifications for?

The answer may be as simple as using strategic keywords in your resume!

With the high volume of applications employers receive for each position, more and … Read More »

Great Bosses Don’t Lie

Posted on November 12th, by Chris Edmonds in on the job. No Comments

Recently, I overheard two frontline supervisors talking about a meeting they attended a few days earlier. At that meeting, senior leaders of their division shared upcoming plans for layoffs to cut expenses. The senior leaders explained that they would announce the plan in a week, once the details were ironed out. The senior leaders closed the meeting with … Read More »

Facebook Strategies for Local Government

Posted on November 11th, by H.E. James in on the job. No Comments

Police and fire departments have long led the way for municipal entities with social media accounts.  With boots on the ground, these departments are connected to communities in ways that many departments do not.  Practically speaking, the use of social media is a natural step for police and fire departments in remaining connected to the … Read More »

Information Governance Insights: Who Needs CRUD?!

Posted on November 11th, by Robin Woolen in on the job. No Comments

We’ve been talking about The Four “Ws” Information Governance for awhile now and we’ve saved the best for last!

For those of you that are just getting in on the conversation here are The Four “Ws” Information Governance:

What are your information assets?

Where are they located?

When can you dispose of them?

Who manages them and has access to … Read More »

How to Deal with Difficult People at Work

Posted on November 10th, by Sarah Davies in on the job. No Comments

Whether it’s a company or a local government, you’re simply bound to meet people who are not exactly friendly. This is what happens to people who decide to work in crowded environments. Most of your co-workers will be absolutely fine, but you can expect a few to be always fuming and at the brink of … Read More »

Conversational Interviews: Make a Lasting Impression

Posted on November 10th, by American Public University System in networking/interviewing. No Comments

By Jaymie Pompeo, Career Coach at American Public University

Interviews can be static formalities that offer the opportunity to present your best self. Think about it: there is always the expectation of the interviewer controlling a rigid Q&A session to find that right fit for a job. As the interviewee, you may focus efforts on preparing … Read More »

Success: What, Why and How

Posted on November 9th, by Liam Ryan in on the job. No Comments

When I open up my computer every morning a deluge of great inspirational quotes are waiting for me.

Many of these are aimed at success.




But none of them tell me what success actually is.

If I have lots … Read More »

Leadership on the Links: Birdies & Bogies

Posted on November 9th, by Stan Skipworth in on the job. No Comments

In Harvey Pennick’s Little Red Book:  Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime in Golf, the author shares a story of a brief conversation with someone he met at his church.  The story goes like this:

“A woman at church remarked to me, ‘Harvey, that game you play doesn’t make sense.  You hit a ball 250 yards off the tee and … Read More »