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Phil Rosenberg is known all over America and abroad as "The HR Doctor." He is a human resources and public administration leader with more than thirty years of successful practical, field tested experience in making HR work for the organization and every one of its employees and clients. He has served as Director of Human Resources, Chief Labor Negotiator and Critical Incident Coordinator for Broward County, Florida, one of America’s largest county governments. He has served in the same capacity for the Cities of Miramar, Florida, Santa Barbara, California, and Miami-Dade County’s Public Health Trust. In California’s Central Valley, he served as Director of Human Resources and as County Chief Administrative Officer for Stanislaus County. Phil is the author of over four hundred nationally published articles and the four hundred page book, “Don’t Walk by Something Wrong!” He has well over two decades of experience teaching masters and doctoral students in three universities, as well as being a frequent conference keynote presenter and seminar leader. These have included multiple presentations in the United Kingdom and the Republic of South Africa. In addition, he had the honor of being keynote speaker at the first ever All-Ireland Human Resources Conference in late 2007. Phil has conducted seminars all across the United States on a huge array of HR issues, including Workplace and Personal Security, Creating a Compelling Place to Work, HR Innovation, Liability Reduction, Management and Supervisory Accountability, as well as many other motivational and innovation-centered presentations. He is a compelling, humorous presenter in demand as a trainer and leader in public and private organizations. His work has included decades of innovative leadership and accountability for Affirmative Action programs, Employment and Training administration, risk management, internal affairs investigations, violence and disaster management intervention and incident command experience, leadership development, information systems implementation, and employee assistance programs.


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Posts by PhilR:

Every Day is a Holiday

Every Day is a Holiday

Practically every day is a holiday – especially if you are retired. The month of February, however, offers some particularly interesting opportunities to admire the creativity of the greeting card industry or to explore some of the folklore or religious origins of...
Waiting by the Mailbox

Waiting by the Mailbox

In our careers and in our lives, there are moments of key importance when news finally arrives that we have expected impatiently for a long time. The wait by the mailbox seems interminable. The HR Doctor remembers as though it were yesterday running to the mailbox...
The Warrior Inside Each of Us

The Warrior Inside Each of Us

This is one of several HR Doctor Articles stemming one of several trips to South Africa and time spent in the Zulu homeland. Besides meeting many new friends and learning a great deal about Public Administration in South Africa, other highlights of weeks in Africa...
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