The Importance of a Handshake

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The Importance of a Handshake

Posted on September 5th, by Juliana Weiss-Roessler in networking/interviewing. No Comments

What’s in a handshake? Quite a lot, apparently. Most of us have probably been told that you want a firm or strong handshake, but is that always true? Are there different kinds of handshakes that you can use to convey different things? What can a handshake make other people think about you?

Dry, firm handshake. This … Read More »

Make Your Employees Happy (Without Giving Raises)

Posted on September 5th, by Chris Hollins in on the job, Trends. No Comments

Millennials are changing the way workplaces approach company culture. As the first generation to grow up with the Internet, Millennials’ mobile lifestyles don’t understand the daily 9-to-5 grind. This year Millennials account for the highest percentage of the workforce compared to Gen X and Baby Boomers. Unlike previous generations, Millennials are looking for jobs that … Read More »

Playground Power

Posted on September 5th, by Stan Skipworth in on the job. No Comments

Very recently, I lead my four children (ages 9-14) on a brief excursion to the local park.  Just two blocks from our home, the park is one of the classic-styles we all know well:  Some eight to ten acres of open space that is adorned with trees, picnic tables, and a baseball field; an old band shell … Read More »

How Conflict Stunts Company Innovation

Posted on September 5th, by Joanie Connell in on the job. No Comments

I was in a meeting earlier this week where there was an invited speaker discussing a controversial topic.  Several of the meeting participants disagreed with his point of view.  Not a problem.  In fact, dissent is shown to increase divergent thinking and creative solutions.

The problem was the participants began personally attacking the speaker and making … Read More »

Attend a Conference in Your Professional Industry

Posted on September 5th, by American Public University System in Career Advice. No Comments

By Cathy Francois, career coach at American Public University

This year I had the opportunity to attend several conferences in my field. I was excited about traveling to cities I never been to, meeting new people, and gaining new industry knowledge. As a career coach, I encourage clients to network, but I do not believe many … Read More »

What’s Your Career Plan?

Posted on September 5th, by American Public University System in Career Advice. 1 Comment

By Dr. Oliver Hedgepeth, Program Director, Government Contracts and Acquisition at American Public University

Your career in government can seem easy when you land that GS-5 or GS-7 job right out of college or that GS-12 position after you hang up that military uniform. I was a GS-7 recruited right out of college because I had earned … Read More »

Are You Spinning the RIGHT Plates at Work?

Posted on September 5th, by Chris Edmonds in Career Advice. No Comments

When I was growing up in Southern California, our family gathered around the black-and-white TV set on Sunday nights in Southern California to watch The Ed Sullivan Show. Sullivan hosted a variety program that exposed American audiences to dozens of stars, novelty acts, and bands – from all over the world.

One particular act made quite the … Read More »

So You Don’t Trust Your Boss

Posted on August 8th, by Henna Inam in on the job. No Comments

Few things zap your motivation than having a bad relationship with your boss. Trust me, I know from experience, people don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses.  I have an executive coaching client. Let’s call her Mary. She doesn’t trust her boss, John. She feels John doesn’t have her back but doesn’t feel comfortable giving him … Read More »

Your Career Strategy: Rectangle Boxes

Posted on August 8th, by Marc Plooster in Career Advice. No Comments

What you are about to read is more the pilot of a television series than a non-franchise movie.  As a primer, I will begin by asking the question, how does one advance a career in an organization?  I raise this question following two weeks on a new job after staffing transfers and personnel deficiencies necessitated … Read More »

Resume Mistakes Disguised As Good Ideas

Posted on August 6th, by American Public University System in networking/interviewing. No Comments

By Ann Eastham, Career Coach at America Public University

The goal of a resume is to get your skills and accomplishments noticed. Simply put, it is the snapshot of all your skills and experiences that you are hoping will impress a recruiter or hiring manager. There are certain mistakes I have witnessed people make, which they … Read More »