Job Search Strategies Are as Unique as Fingerprints

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Job Search Strategies Are as Unique as Fingerprints

Posted on December 13th, by Tina Nicolai in networking/interviewing. No Comments

Job search techniques are as unique as a fingerprint. Every aspect of preparing oneself for the job market is customized towards strengths while minimizing opportunities. Many people wrack their heads making their job search more complicated than climbing Mt. Everest. What once was the norm, send your resume and you’ll receive a call or turndown … Read More »

Einstein’s Theory of Career Search

Posted on June 5th, by Tina Nicolai in Career Advice. No Comments

Inspired by Albert Einstein, there are three fundamental lessons that you are encouraged to start, stop and continue where your resume and career overhaul is concerned. Sure, it’s easier said than done. The key is breaking down the steps to simplicity as you shift gears from government to private sector, military to civilian, or corporation … Read More »

Retaining Employment in a Tumultuous Economy

Posted on January 20th, by Tina Nicolai in on the job. No Comments

Looking for a new position is challenging as we know it, however, retaining one’s position in the perpetual fluid workplace can be just as tough.  Fortunately, there are strategies that you can put into place, starting today, that will offer you increased value to your organization while simultaneously building your marketability for potential new opportunities.  … Read More »

Successfully Transitioning From a Military to Civilian Career

Posted on October 22nd, by Tina Nicolai in About the Public Sector, education/training, Trends. No Comments

In recent months, there has been a noticeable increase of former military leaders flooding the job market.  They are either returning from duty or deciding to make a change in careers.  If you fall into either of these scenarios, knowing your transitional career title may help improve your success rate in securing permanent or new … Read More »

4 Steps to Reinventing Your Resume

Posted on August 26th, by Tina Nicolai in Career Advice, resumes/cover letters, Trends. No Comments

Storytelling is making a comeback! Most everywhere we look these days we are seeing the question…”What’s your story?” From advertisers selling their products to talk show hosts featuring segments surrounding storytelling. Why, even the career space is falling in line advising candidates to pitch “their story” to hiring leaders. But before you embark on this … Read More »

6 Social Media Tips to Elevate Your Public Sector Job Search

Posted on July 15th, by Tina Nicolai in Innovations, Social Media. No Comments

Making your mark with social media in the public sector can be overwhelming with the number of options available combined with tight schedules, commitments, and commutes. There are however, quick and easy top to-do’s that will button up your social media presence without breaking your time management bank.

With minimal effort you can maximize your results … Read More »

How to Seek Out the Right Work Culture

Posted on May 31st, by Tina Nicolai in Career Advice, personality assessment. No Comments

“Birds of a feather, flock together” as the saying goes is also very well and alive in today’s workplace.  If you are considering a change in your job, career, or company, be sure to shop around carefully to determine if the organizations culture is a good fit for you.  Much like shopping for a new … Read More »

3 Tips for Putting a Pep in your Step in a Ho-Hum Job

Posted on February 1st, by Tina Nicolai in Career Advice, on the job. No Comments

Job got you down? Feeling in a rut? Don’t despair. There are things you can do to catapult yourself into a new situation, new job, and even more money. You can shift your attitude starting right now by following these simple tips.

#1 Environment overhaul. Rearrange your office, cubicle, or workspace. Changing your environment is a positive … Read More »

What Does the Future Have in Store for You?

Posted on February 1st, by Tina Nicolai in About the Public Sector, Trends. No Comments

2013 and we are nearing February 1st! Futurists have long been calling for individuals to round out their careers by building multiple revenue streams. By 2019, more layoffs will have occurred, more robots will be replacing humans, and more individuals will be footing their own cost of medical insurance.  Blah, bleak, and *blastardly! (*Yes, I … Read More »