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Mark F. Weinberg is a retired California and Washington State City Manager with over 40 years of local government experience. He has served as a consultant to cities on organizational structure, management, human resources, finance, public safety, and community and economic development. Mr. Weinberg has served on a number of Boards and Commissions for government, private and local non-profit organizations. He is a regular contributor to both online and print media publications on topics related to governing.


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Posts by Mark Weinberg:

The City of Champions: The Power of Local Government Branding

The City of Champions: The Power of Local Government Branding

When Inglewood dubbed itself “The City of Champions” the proclamation produced enormous civic pride and instilled a great deal of inspiration throughout the community. Few mottos have the power to touch the hearts and souls of those tied to a City as much as one that speaks directly to the human spirit. A human spirit that combines character with grit and determination to succeed at a championship level, regardless of the endeavor.

The Encore Career

The Encore Career

Aging baby boomers, coupled with early retirement incentives designed to reduce salary loads, are swelling the ranks of retired public service professionals.  Despite this crop of 60’s era retirees’ declaration that they would not toil into their advanced years like...
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